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Australian Shamanism - A Global Healing Project

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This website & Australian Shamanism, as a collective spiritual healing philosophy, is the result of a long term spiritual healing project undertaken by millions of caring people with the purest loving intention of closing the gap in the collective wisdom between past, present and future in the ongoing united Australian spiritual relationship with the Dreamtime. 

The success of the healing project is classified (in spiritual terminology) as a modern day miracle.

In the globally recognised framework of a universal spiritual foundation      

Australian Shamanic Healing Projects. Spiritual Reconciliation Australia .... [view background history] Until now, Australian people as a whole have never been expected too or encouraged by their community leadership groups to investigate their spiritual relationship to life on the land that is home to the worlds oldest surviving spiritual culture on earth at the deepest level possible. This lack of encouragement has led to a cavernous gap in the average Australians spiritual knowledge, wisdom and understanding with relationship to their very natural and free flowing spiritual connection to the Dreamtime [time before creation]. We have now reached a time when Australians are quickly waking up to the serious collective problems they face as a national identity crisis is building and they are quickly realising it is the distinct lack of well informed directive leadership that is representing their Nation as a complete and total laughing stock at the international and global leadership level. Average Australians who care about the future wellbeing of their communities, and families well into the future generations of this great Nation are choosing to generate movement in ways that will create permanent positive change for the united benefit of all Australians by exploring their personal responsibility for the spiritual reconciliation of Australia as the foundational building block of a clear and present awakened beginning to life in the Australian sector of our Global Village.      

It is a matter of authentic pride and the complete removal of the stench of shame that is inspiring a national change in thinking. Dignified RESPECT for, and an understanding that; the Dreamtime is a clear, natural and free flowing - - very personal and broadly communal relationship with; God, Allah, Source, The Creator, Nirvana, Elohim, The I am, The IS, WHYH, Jehova, Silence, No-Thing, Consciousness, etc,.. is a very fitting way for all Australian people to have their first authentic experience of spiritually transcendent consciousness. It is also very fitting that all Australian people recognise as being part of the long term spiritual heritage and ancestry of this great land we have and will all grow up on... and then make the informed choice to call this land their spiritual home.

Australia is a land of unique geological features, flora and fauna that remained isolated for hundreds of thousands of years from the rest of the world until only very recently, [historically speaking]. Veiled in mystery the unique spiritual features of the Australian Dreamtime also remained isolated from the rest of the worlds gaze until only very recently. The timeless ancient spiritual mysteries, sacred sites, song lines, dreaming trails, and dreamtime stories given to all Australian people through the creator spirits existing in the moment before time and space began, are not as easy us to see, recognise or understand, as the physical landscape because of their unique qualities, but they are an integral part of who all Australian people are. In exactly the same way the physical geological features, flora and fauna of this ancient land are foreign to all who do not call Australia home, many Australians act like foreigners in their own home because of their separation from the spirit of the Dreamtime. Heart lines, not blood lines, are the spiritual relationship all people share. The observations of the most dedicated spiritual healers and teachers too ever walk the earth confirms that understanding the veiled mystery and unique spiritual features of the Australian Dreamtime are as much a normal part of being a proud and honest citizen of Australia as understanding the geology, flora and fauna are.  

In recent times, Nobles, Elders, Spiritual Seekers and Scholars from around the world have begun to address the cavernous gap in the Australian peoples understanding of their personal and intimate spiritual relationship with the Dreamtime [the energetic field of consciousness pre-existing before time and space], why? .... The first generations of people post 'the human failing and insanity of the world at war years' have witnessed the development of global communication and have been witness to the very dark underbelly of self serving corruption in religious organisations and the venomous accord with financial, racial and/or cultural superiority that political structures are prone to display. This has generated a spark of desire in intelligent people to learn the deepest possible truth of human existence and have the most authentic spiritual experience they can in life. This spark of desire has generated a sudden rise in the expectation of educated intelligent people for a demonstration of pure spiritual accountability and intention in all leadership philosophy and direction that religious organisations, political movements and racial superiority groups will never be able achieve.   

Educated intelligent people all around the world are shifting their focus and becoming awakened to the truth of our human global spiritual encumbrance separated from religious dogma and decree or political directives. Australians, by and large, and as a whole are being kept isolated from the pure truth of the spiritual awakening process inherent with the Dreamtime in their own homeland and are being force fed on a diet of spiritual sweet treats from around the world that have almost no relationship to the spiritual connection they all share on the homeland of the Dreamtime. This serves the religious and political agenda of a self serving, self proclaimed, elite leadership group in Australia to divide and conquer its people far more than it serves the communities agenda of spiritual healing and unity, or any personal agenda one might have toward seeking out your truly spiritual relationship to the meaning and purpose for your life on earth.     

To help us find our way around the huge stumbling blocks that the current mass hypnosis [thought paradigm] and a genuine need for social positioning and security, found only in conformity places in front of the devoted spiritual truth seeker, those who have gone before us and devoted their lives to overcoming the blockages of conformity and seek the pure spiritual truth have left sign posts on the pathway that we can all rely on to help lead the way forward in a direction of spiritual growth and prosperity for all Australian people.


  • Firstly, the respected visionary and world renown psychoanalyst George Vaillant helps us understand the way forward to spiritual healing and reconciliation by explaining in his 2008 book Spiritual Evolution: A Scientific Defense of Faith; that a philosophical understanding of the energetic whole was missing from English settlers who arrived in Australia. "The English admit wonder at the Aboriginals intuitive 'right brain' skill at tracking (Vaillant, 2008. p.52). Although the settlers even with maps and compasses, died of thirst in the outback, the Aboriginals could find water" (Vaillant, 2008. p.52). Vaillant (2008) states irrevocably: Only very recently have anthropologists deduced that ...'dreaming'...provided them [first Australians] with an awe filled, if not always conscious, map for survival. Without written language or rational map-making skills (which evolved in parallel with humanity's acquisition of 'left-brain' writing), the Aboriginals had developed emotionally and spiritually significant stories in order to remember every rock, rill and water source in their environment. Put more provocatively the... 'dreaming' spirituality actually delivered what the white man’s printed Holy Bible and scientific maps only promised. (pp. 52-53).

  • Marianne Spitzform, respected Doctor of Psychology tells us in a 2013 edition of the peer reviewed Jung Journal, that: we need only open our hearts and minds to discover our common ground to help advance the process of psychic recognition, spiritual reconciliation and global healing. Spitzform, PhD gives this clear explanation of an observable gap in contemporary psychological understanding:

The developmental model which shapes our clinical work is marked by a gap - an absence - that we sustain by inattention. Psychoanalytical development theory lacks a framework for understanding the role played by relatedness to the natural world for the emerging human self....this gap is hard to see, like clean air, because we are so immersed in the natural world. It is pervasively present and thus easily overlooked....there is a sense of self which emerges within an ecological context, and is maintained into adulthood by relationship with a wide range of non-human others.... The absence or gap shapes not only developmental theory, but implicitly, our model of psychological health. So it is important to address these issues....Our understanding of human health, the well-being of the more-than-human and the relationship between humans and the wider natural world are all at stake. Further, these developmental implications of self-experience in relation to the more-than-human have far reaching effects on both clinical and societal concerns (pp. 265 - 266).


  • In his highly acclaimed book Making Social Science Matter (2001) Bent Flyvberg argues: That intellectual virtues, moral values and character strengths, can not be subject to the same level of measurable quantification as has been the natural sciences. Flyvberg (2001) observes that:

Just as social science has not been able to contribute with...predictive theory to scientific development, so natural science has had little to offer the reflexive analysis of goals, values and interests that is a precondition for an enlightened development in any society....where natural science is weak, social science is strong, and vice versa (p. 53). Flyvberg (2001) reports that the key to creating a precondition for an enlightened development is effective communication. Empowered individuals can make use of effective communication to develop a pathway to a peaceful future. Social science, Flyvberg (2001) argues, is ideally an activity done in public for the public, sometimes to clarify, sometimes to intervene, sometimes to generate new perspectives, and always to serve as the eyes and ears in our ongoing efforts at understanding the present and deliberating about the future....The purpose of social to contribute to societies practical rationality in elucidating where we are, where we want to go, and what is desirable according to diverse sets of values and interests (pp.166 - 167).


My expectation of a good Australia is when white people would be proud to speak an Aboriginal language, when they realise Aboriginal culture and all that goes with it, philosophy, art, language, morality and kinship, is all part of our heritage. And that is the most unbelievable thing of all, that its all there waiting for us all. White people can inherit 40,000 or 60,000 years of culture, and all they have to do is reach out and ask for it (p. xi). Newbury [editor] in Song Man, Randall (2003) was clear to declare: We must aim for more than grafting our heritage on to an Aboriginal root. We must aim for fusion, a synthesis of the old of this continent with the new of the recently arrived. The basic requirement of this mix is acceptance of the Aboriginal heritage as being uniquely appropriate to this continent, and to those of us who live here (p.x).




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When faced with a seemingly impossible challenge it is often easier to turn and walk the other way or make out the problem doesn’t exist. When that challenge involves the spiritual happiness and emotional contentment of children and families, long into the distant future however, the choice ultimately becomes one of finding ways to make the seemingly impossible, extraordinarily practical. (circa 2011)

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