Australian Shamanism

Reconnecting You With Your Timeless Shamanic Spiritual Lineage And Awakening Your Shamanic DNA

Australian Shamanism - Plant Medicine Not Required

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Since the heady days of the Harvard Psilocybin Project run by Timothy Leary & Richard Alpert [a.k.a. Ram Dass] in the 60 's [loosely portrayed in the movie, Altered States; 1980] and the experiments of Terence McKenna that led to the extraordinary public release of spiritually transcendent insights through non-common states of mind achieved by using plant medicine in the 70's, the notion of Shamanism, Shamanic Medicine and Altered States of Shamanic Consciousness has picked up a popular Hollywood stigmata in its Californication association with plant medicine. 

One aspect of shamanism is Plant Medicine, that is certainly true, and we must be perfectly clear about it, the human mind would not have the receptors to interact with Plant Medicines if it was not a normal and natural part of the evolutionary process and the known universal energy matrix at work  

That said however, plant medicine is not for everyone and it never has been, nor is it a core shamanic staple diet. Only certain shamanic medicine people are capable of carrying the extreme load some plant medicines can place on the fragile human psyche and persona. It should be well noted that plant medicines capable of creating the 'transcendent spiritual experiences' popularised by the Hollywood stigmata and related to the altered state shamanic experience they most generously provide to us as the archetypal messengers of the Mother Earth 'GOD HEAD' [earth soul], grow naturally in such small, difficult to access areas of the Global Village they can hardly be categorised as being core or foundational too the totality of the shamanic experience on a global scale. 

Warning about Plant Medicine: Plant medicine that is overflowing to the brim with the earth soul connection to Mother Earth's GOD HEAD is classed as poisonous, like the bite from an angry King Brown Snake for some people, and has a history of killing those who should not go near it because they are not born to be plant medicine people.  

It is easiest to understand the spiritual kinship our relationship the global animist shamanic collective has with Potent Spiritual Plant Medicines when we step into our collective heart stream and remember the times past when the medicine people of our tribes would retreat in very serious repose to commune with the plant messengers in very sacred vision quests. And then return to the tribe with the medicine stories that occurred during the vision quest and their experience after a number of days, weeks or years. [like we can all see in the eyes, actions, words, love, commitment and passion of the legendary Shaman Medicine man Terence Mckenna here in memorial

Plant medicine is not and never has been used on a wide scale in any shamanic lineage in the Mother Earth GOD HEAD 'soul to blood - line' and is only ever ingested IN CEREMONY and IN SACRED SPACE AND PLACE, by the chosen medicine people of the tribe. 

Traditionally the stories the medicine plants provide to us as a collective through the plant medicine people of our tribe, are always shared very liberally throughout the tribe and as they intermingle with our knowledge base they become interwoven to form the very foundation of our Dreaming to create a vibrant flow of spiritual health and balanced wellbeing. This continues to occur generation after generation after generation.

It is best to remember that Shamanism is a collective universal energy, and each of us play our role in the collective energy stream. While popularly categorised as an altered state experience by 'Californication' - shamanism is in total, the direct personal experience of the non-physical, universally conscious, background energy field in our fully awakened collective spiritual energy stream. 

For every generation on Earth BC - the very normal 'Animist Shaman' state of human consciousness awareness, was not an altered state of human consciousness at all - it was the normal state of consciousness that was part of tribal culture. 

Since time began, Healers, Elders, Teachers and Leaders on the cutting edge of human evolution have extended the core philosophy of their practice from the baseline of a definable collective universal spiritual relationship.  

Balance and wellness in every association, relationship, understanding and knowledge base does not imply the ongoing need for - or use of - mind altering "Medicinal Plants". Constant exposure to plant medicine an unconscious relationship with a state of mind that is constantly recognising with a mental state of perpetual illness.  

"It is more correct in the awakened mind set of the Animist Shaman to state that all modern world disorders found on Mother Earth in plague proportions are created by a socially derived semi-conscious altered state of consciousness, than it is to say shamanism is an altered state of consciousness".   

  • The direct area of the pinpoint focus found in Australian Shamanism is the resident ability of the human mind to heal damage created by separation and reconnect with its core unconscious energy field in your original shamanic spiritual DNA structure. 
  • As an uninitiated child of shamanism who lives in the spiritually baron urban city environment of the secular west you have been dis-located and separated from your original core shamanic lineage and spiritual DNA. 
  • In your life you will have always experienced the negative and debilitating aspects of total separation from the united global understanding of your collective shamanic history and lineage from birth. 
  • Your collective shamanic past, your collective shamanic now, and your collective shamanic destiny, have all been disassociated from your main conscious thought stream.
  • Using the Dreaming story of the Australian Dreamtime Alphabet and the Flying Eagle Medicine [spiritual energy medicine] contained in its structure, Australian shamanism presents you with the most conclusive evidence based, most scientifically analyzed and publicly recorded, Global Shamanic Emergence & Healing Process in human history. 
  • Flying Eagle Medicine will help you establish a solid unquestionable reconnection with your nature based shamanic spiritual lineage.