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Australian Shamanism - Message Stick Dreaming

Please Note: Australian Shamanism and The Dreamtime Alphabet story is a contemporary Dreaming story that contains an infinitely large variety of enlightened spiritual stages, states and levels. This is only a brief version of the Message Stick story and a truncated reflection of their story telling capacity and experience. Links to expanded teachings and learning experiences can be found at the bottom of this page. 

Everything Old Renews Itself In Form - That Is The Foundation Stone Of Australian Shamanism And Global Spiritual Evolution.

Historically all Australians are part of a proud and strong creative spiritual collective that goes back thousands of years. 

Australian's cannot be separated from their past any more than their future can be separated from this moment. Without a past there cannot be a present and without a present there will be no future.

The Dreamtime is not something that was here before the British Royals sent troops to take control over this land and then disappeared off the face of Mother Earth. The Dreamtime is not something that ‘has been’. The Dreamtime is an integral part of the land and the natural environment all Australian people, no matter their place of origin, call home. The Dreamtime is Australia's only truly defined spiritual culture inclusive of the whole and it is something that has always been and will always be. 

Because of this, the spiritual teaching, learning and wisdom of Dreamtime is part of everyone that calls this land home, if they recognise it not. 

The Spiritual Ancestors of our ancient Dreamtime home are always quick to point out that the colour of your skin & your eyes or the shape of your chin does not matter to the spiritual energy of the dreamtime. It is your soul [life force energy] that connects you to the universal spirit of dreamtime truth. Dreamtime has always been and will always be, inclusive of the whole. The animals, plants, birds, water, air, Mother Earth, Mother Sun, human thoughts, words and actions are not separate from the Dreamtime but interwoven as one whole unit of life force energy at the soul level of creation.

In the past the Spiritual Masters and Teachers of Dreamtime used many methods of specialised communications to get their messages across. These included but were not restricted to, story telling, rock carving, music, dance, painting and Message Sticks. 

  • Message sticks are one of the oldest traditional forms of spiritual communication used by the Spiritual Masters and Teachers of Dreamtime.
  • Message sticks are uniquely Australian. 

  • Marked message sticks, have been quite widely used by traditional Australians for thousands of years and perform a range of functions, from acting as a guarantee of good faith to summoning individuals or groups to a spiritual ceremony. 
  • Message sticks are made of wood and come in various shapes and sizes. 
  • A message stick, can not be read in the way a written language letter is read, instead the symbols serve to remind us of the information being delivered. Therefore the primary role of the message stick is to act as a memory jogger for the messenger. 
  • The messenger entrusted with the wisdom contained in the symbols conveys the details of the message. 
  • The messengers are traditionally men who display the message to the elders of the groups they pass through and safe passage is then granted. 

The Message Stick Symbols Of The Dreamtime Alphabet.

  1. Flying Eagle's Dreamtime alphabet is made up of 77 separate message sticks blended together in a unique pattern to form the 26 symbols of the dreamtime alphabet. 
  2. The Dreamtime Alphabet is a unique spiritual alphabet in the same enlightened order of [Norse God] Odin and the Runic Alphabet.
  3. Each symbol in the spiritual alphabet is formed through the direction of Dreamtime spirit guide Flying Eagle, using the minimum number of sticks required to represent each symbol. 
  4. The unique physical and numerical pattern of Flying Eagle's Dreamtime Alphabet reveals direct messages of other worldly proportions.
  5. In the example of the E three sticks are used and the I uses only one etc. [see picture below].

The thirteenth symbol in the series of twenty six symbols above uses a returning boomerang on the top to complete the M symbol. 

The returning Boomerang is the most brilliant and expressive example of how memory is triggered through symbolism. 

How? - It is recognised globally that the first form of controlled engineered flight, on earth, is the returning boomerang. 

The message here is that the returning boomerang symbolises a distinctive understanding of universal and human energy behaviour. 

The returning boomerang is a precision engineered instrument that required intense creative and enlightened focus that transcended time and space as part of its development. 

The returning boomerang is the outcome of one of the first ever Shamanic Vision Quests ever undertaken in human form on earth. 

The message delivered by this stick is that the returning boomerang is not simply a derived extension of a throwing stick or club but more precisely the returning boomerang is the oldest surviving spiritual artefact on earth. 

We can be guaranteed that it is the oldest surviving spiritual artefact on earth because human nature follows traditional thought patterns. 

Honest observation reveals to us that in ancient times, long before books or modern language, the ability of an individual or group to have imagined, created and learned to control a flying instrument, that returned to them, would have been nothing short of a miraculous divine spiritual connection, made possible only through the use of the universal philosophy and wisdom experienced through the traditions of the Australian dreamtime.

The spiritual stories and life lessons that were then passed on through the experience of learning to create, throw and safely catch a balanced traditional returning boomerang were an explicit right of passage for First Australians over many centuries. That is why the returning boomerang was so important in our First Peoples daily life. Not only was it a useful tool in daily life, it was like a bible of knowledge and a signifier of achievement in a life time learning experience.  

Flying Eagle's Dreamtime Alphabet proudly celebrates the wisdom contained in its shared spiritual connection to the historical spiritual creation of the worlds first returning boomerang and it promotes the returning boomerang as a significant historical step in [global] human spiritual development and a formative milestone in Australia’s national spiritual Dreamtime history [the oldest surviving spiritual culture on earth].

In The Beginning Was The Word - This is a simple exercise routine to help you unravel any mystery that might surround your understanding of how the Message Sticks and the Dreamtime Alphabet deliver their organic spiritual healing message to the world.

Exercise 1) Write out the dreamtime alphabet and add the number of message sticks used to create each symbol. [as per picture above] The total designates the numerical value of each message stick symbol eg: A=3 B=5. 

  • Draw each stick separate from the other and write the total number of each symbol as you go along. 
  • Double check the correct pattern and value for each symbol. 
  • Combine the totals of each symbol and calculate how many sticks there are in total? 

  1. = The total number of message sticks is 77. The number of message stick symbols is 26. 

As much as numbers are understood to be used as a form of measurement they are also a traditional form of human spiritual communication and form the foundation of the Universal Spiritual DNA common in all physical form. 

The entire universe is scientifically proven to have a numerical code as part of its physical and non-physical foundation. 

The numbers 1-5 are obvious in our fingers and toes.

At this time in enlightened human understanding - Numbers occur as a naturally appearing non-physical spiritual archetype recieved in an energetic wave length by human consciousness only. 

Historically, numbers were first recognised on a global perspective as a universal spiritual code capable of communicating a variety of apparent universal mysteries to the human mind.   

The experience of using fingers to learn to count to ten has occurred as a shared human experience and confirms that the decimal counting system is part of a common 'universal human bodymind' experience. 

Discovering, observing and learning all the aspects of the decimal counting system has been a natural spiritual unfolding because of the connection between specific components of the human body and the conscious communication of the human bodymind since the time of Pythagoras.

The discovery of Pi [22 divided by 7] to reveal a series of numbers in decimal point that never repeat to infinity and is used in a formula to find the circumference of a circle falls into the exact same miraculously divine strata of the Australian Boomerang.   

Exercise 2) in the beginning was this word. 

Calculate the total numbers of message sticks used to form the word six, eg: S = 3, I = 1, X = 2

  1. SIX_= 6 message sticks___(6) 1+2+3= 6_1x2x3= 6

In the Dreamtime alphabet, this word symbolises a combination of truth and wholeness. It is in every way, what it says it is. 

In the dreamtime language the word, SIX symbolically represents what those who understand the dreamtime strive to achieve in their everyday life and implied representation. 

Be impeccable with your word! 

Be the person you are showing yourself to be and believe in who you are. 

Acting like someone you are not or trying to be a person that you do not fully understand will not add value to your human experience. 

Become who you were born to be, naturally!

Two very important questions a truth seeker will ask themselves during these simple exercise routines are:

  1. Is this just a coincidence or can I sense a deeper meaning and a higher order of universal consciousness at work here?
  2. What is the overarching message that I sense is being delivered through the Message Sticks and Dreamtime Alphabet?

Exercise 3) your next step through the dreamtime alphabet is the discovery of four symbols that each equal four parts. 

When the 4 x 4 stick symbols are used together, they can only create one word in the English language and that word is GROW

Check again just to make sure, see if you can find one other word in the English language that uses all of these four symbols. (if you do, you will be the first person on earth to do so) 

Through the symbol of the word GROW, the Dreamtime Alphabet tells you that you are about to grow in your understanding of how true spirituality works to transcend any human notion of individual or separated space and time to embrace the collective of a singular whole at work. 

You are about to step beyond any belief in coincidence that you may have and start seeing synchronised patterns, shapes and numbers in all things that surround you. What you will learn by studying the messages delivered by Flying Eagle's Dreamtime alphabet is; the way all things coexist and work together to create a whole universe of ‘Spectacularly Divine Delights’.

The word grow, reveals itself as a compilation of events, these events are represented this way, Generate Receive Organise Wisdom

  • As intelligent humans, we make sense of the world around us, and every day, we grow. 
  • First we seek, search or question (generate), in return we (receive) what we are seeking or an answer to our question. 
  • It may not always be what we expect to receive but we always receive something. 
  • We place that answer in our frame of learned reference (organise) and it then takes its place in our present knowledge (wisdom).

For the Dreamtime Alphabet to be what it implies through its appearance in human consciousness 'a spiritually coded alphabet capable of delivering spiritually encoded messages' it must be part of original universal source energy - therefore it must contain elements of the creative universal energy spectrum that posses the ability to transcend all barriers of time and space and must include elements of human conscious creation through a level of unconscious determination and destiny. Flying Eagles Dreamtime Alphabet does this through its numerological resonance and symbolic patterns.

For the Dreamtime Alphabet to be exactly what it implies, it must also prove itself to be part and parcel of a collective human destiny evolving through time and space over many generations of creative inspiration. Flying Eagle's Dreamtime Alphabet does this through its defined English language association and the ancient shamanic alchemist prophecy of its earthly appearance fully explained in further study. 

The Dreamtime Alphabet could not exist if was not a spiritual fruit on the 'Global Shamanic Family Tree' of collective higher knowing containing a knowledge base that is unconsciously connected through every aspect of its creation [numbers, message sticks, boomerang, english alphabet, english words, collective language, universal consciousness] to deliver a defined message into human consciousness. 

This is not a normal philosophical understanding of the creative capacity of 'Dreamtime' for people raised in a religious framework that defines the work of GOD as only existing in a church, bible or dogma and Shamanic Dreamtime as only a fairy tale or myth.  

Exercise 4) every, action, thought or desire in the universe can be aligned with one of these three energy words. (Numerical values are given for all words but please double check the answers)




Exercise 5) when calculated using the Message Stick symbols the manifest universe appears to be made up of some very amazing shapes.




Transient energy systems unite to form physical shapes and patterns that is what all physical life is about.

Exercise 6) to validate that the message we are receiving is clear: [what we are seeing is a synchronised pattern and not just a random series of events], as a way of confirmation, we can check the validity of this unification in a formula that states;

“Energy plus Matter is united in all creation”.

Diamond + Square +Triangle + Positive +Neutral + Negative = …………



_63 + 60 = 123 ) 

= 1+2+3 = SIX = 6

That is a full circle; back to where it all started, take some time and have a look at what you believe is true and what this short message in Flying Eagle's Dreamtime means?

Exercise 7) this next word is an example of how the energy of the Dreamtime influences every life, even when you do not know it is. 

Everything in life must complete a circle. Whatever begins must always end.


Add all the shapes together and see what happens. 

This is Infinite possibility at work and at its best.

20 + 21 + 22 + 14 = (77) Diamond + Square +Triangle + Circle [the four basic shapes comprised in all physical matter] when combined this equation of words and numbers is equal to the total number of message sticks used in the dreamtime alphabet. 

Exercise 8) now, stop and THINK about this for a minute! This is not coincidence, this is a synchronised symbolic alphabet purposely created by the Great Spirit of the Dreamtime 'Flying Eagle' to deliver a recognisable message for all who know the English language to learn about the universal magic of the Dreamtime. 

Use all of your ‘Head Senses’ here, what do you think is happening?

HEAR__=__ (13)

SIGHT__=__ (13)

SMELL__=__ (13)

TASTE__=__ (13)

Universal wisdom is not a one-day event; it is an infinite and time less journey. If truth is what you seek in your life, what you have just witnessed will raise many questions. Those questioned will need to be answered using all of your expanded energy senses.

Exercise 9) let’s take a look at the elements of nature that have gone into the creation of the dreamtime alphabet. 

The message here is always look carefully because every element of nature has its own Dreamtime story to tell you.




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