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Kevin James Carroll - Thoughts Of Kanyini

I was born in Australia, so was my father. His father came from the UK, part Irish/Welsh and my mother, came from Holland, she's Dutch/Gypsy.

I'm connected to many different lands, by default, I can only be an Earth citizen.

I live in an age where this is common place and it's only in very recent human history that this could be possible.

My families tribal roots go back to the very beginning. 

As do yours. 

Just think about it. 

With a line of mothers and fathers going all the way back to the very source, you genetically remember them all. Because you are them all. We have genetically journeyed through all of it, multiplying along the way and we are now more than 7 Billion, quite suddenly, blending cultures, races, languages, religions and blood.

I'm a musician/singer/songwriter and lead people in co-creative chanting circles, all over the world.

Driven by a strong vision to make a positive difference in the world, I realised that it was a disconnection from our true self, through the heart, that was the root of the problems we faced today in modern Western society and that by singing universal heart based songs together, I’d found a way that could reconnect us, quickly, easily and effectively, that is even blissful, infectious and fun.

I have seen and experienced for myself, that when we feel connected to our heart we are automatically our ideal person, we are all the things that we call good. We are peaceful, loving, compassionate, kind, respectful, happy and in harmony, without effort! I believe this is our natural state of being.

It became obvious to me that the more disconnected or separate we feel, the more destructive we become, to ourselves, others and the world. The more 'dis' ease we experience in all aspects of our lives.

What I wanted to understand was why, after chanting, we feel so connected but it doesn't last? Why do we go back into the consciousness of ego and separation when it causes us and the world so much grief? Was there a reason? Was it us as individuals, addicted to ego, or was it our society, our culture influencing us again, or both?

With the direction we are heading in, it seems to me to be a do or die situation for humanity.

After being asked to write a song inspired by the the Australian documentary “Kanyini” I woke early one morning, pregnant with a vision that I felt compelled to write down.

I don't know about the truth in the words below. I'm not a historian or a formally educated man.

It's just something that made allot of sense to me and I hope it will point to your truth within you as it has done in me and help us all expand and move forward in a positive direction.

With the help of simple yet profound ancient wisdom from possibly the oldest tribal culture on the planet, I realised that we need more than to just sing together to stay connected to our heart and find harmony again.


In Australia, we have a stain on our history that most of us feel helpless about and hope that if we ignore it long enough, it will go away.

The truth is, most of us don't really know exactly what happened as were not alive to see it, so for us, the next generations, it was simply covered up.

The truth we can see, is the impact that Western culture has had on the state of the first people of what we call Australia.

Understanding the power of words, I refuse to call these people Aboriginal. “Ab” meaning “not” and there couldn't be anything further from the truth.

There is a problem here in Australia, and problems are not separate from solutions.

Maybe we need to look back a lot further?

All of us, indigenous or non indigenous Australians, a long time ago were tribal people, living off the land and close to nature. 

We were Animists, we all had the what Uncle Bob Randall (Yankunytjatjara first peoples elder) from central Australia calls the Kanyini.

Kanyini was the basis of their (very grounded) spirituality and without it you were in their opinion, a lost soul...

It was all about connection.

A connection to 4 basic principles.

Tjukurrpa; (Chook-oor-pa) A connection to a common belief system that was handed down to us from our ancestors and was accepted and unquestioned as the truth.

Kurunpa; (koor-oon-pa) A connection to our our spiritual self beyond our physical form, developed and maintained through ceremonies, songs and rituals that we would practice together and believed wholeheartedly.

Walytja; (Waal-chyah) A deep connection to our friends and family or tribe. Loved and respected we had a sense of belonging to something greater than our individual self. Living our whole lives with this strong support system and had very little contact with strangers.

Ngura; (Ngoor-ah) We were familiar and lived our entire lives with the land we could walk on and beyond this was unknown to us. We all shared a complete connection to home. A sense of belonging to the land.

A long time ago, our ancestors had this connection, Kanyini, and were living as the first people of Australia were before white settlement. 

In the moment, connected, in harmony, sustainable and happy.

At some point, our ancestors went on the move, possibly because of changes in the environment creating a lack of food and with the development of the wheel. For what ever reason they left their tribal land and in doing so they were beginning a massive change in the consciousness of humanity.

They came across different tribes with different belief systems, different rituals, new people and new land.

They encountered belief systems that conflicted with their own and for the first time, their belief system was able to be questioned. Breaking down Tjukurrpa.

Their ceremonies were practiced less and less as survival took a priority and the connection to their spiritual self or soul also dwindled. (Kurunpa.)

They were now coming into contact with people who were strangers and sometimes defensive. The sense of family and trust for their fellow man also began to collapse. (Walytja)

And they were moved on to new lands that they were not familiar or connected to. (Ngura.)

They gradually lost their Kanyini.

In the attempt to preserve their Tjukurrpa, they developed the idea that their belief system was superior to the others.

The time and energy that went into Kurunpa now was focused on survival, they started developing weapons of defence and tools to adapt to the new environments.

This gave them the edge on other tribal cultures. They became masters of war and their connection to the spiritual world dwindled (Kurunpa)

They slowly became more identified with the world of form and disconnected from their spiritual, non-physical self, their consciousness slowly became imprisoned in the physical aspect of their being, the memory or ego.

Disconnected from the source of reality, they were no longer in the moment. Now condemned to either the past or an imaginary projection of the future, they existed in an unconscious dream. This naturally corrupted their Tjukurrpa, their belief system.

Their disconnection from family and tribe made them loose their compassion and care for human life, and rather than feeling a part of the land (Ngura) they saw it as a thing that they could possess.

They became the force that we call the Western consumer culture. Lost souls, adapting as best they could to a domination of ego, separated from the land, each other and nature. Disconnected from the basic principals of human health and happiness, their consciousness trapped in the mind that can only see the world in duality, points of view, subject and object, black and white, right and wrong, good and evil.

They naturally begun to see others as more or less.

They developed Kings and Queens, servants and peasants.

They were out of control and in an attempt to imitate their connected, true self they created external laws, rules and police to govern themselves from the chaotic dysfunctional ego they they had become.

They fell into a dark world, the relentless nightmare of unconscious thoughts became their reality and slowly, they began to believe they had no choice.

Their belief system tuned into religion to offer hope and an idea that they were essentially bad and could be saved by and external God. 

Their internal world became empty and their disconnection from their source created an unquenchable thirst.

Identification with only the physical left them seeking fulfilment in physical things like possessions and land and money which could never satisfy the emptiness inside leaving them always wanting more, only consuming and not giving back.

They took over and destroyed nature everywhere they went. They were a culture of destruction.

Their power was not their own. Even to just be exposed to this culture would begin to eat away the Kanyini of other cultures like a cancer.

This was evolution. Out of control of any individual. The simple outcome of the movement of people around the globe over thousands of years.

Yet Australia remained isolated from the rest of the world. 

Possibly the oldest culture of the human race, protected by vast oceans. 

Until we developed sailing ships.

When our ancestors arrived in Australia they had no choice but to impose their way of life on The first peoples.

Western culture destroyed their Kanyini in one generation. Taking away their Kanyini piece by piece. 

Beyond certain acts of individuals, Western culture's behaviour towards the First People could only be described as insane, devastating and even Psychopathic behaviour.

If this is evolution then we must look at what happens in evolution?

Things develop, expand but also things die and get reborn.

Is this calling of Uncle Bob Randal from the first people, in what seems to be a hopeless situation or an unsolvable problem, actually the key to our evolution and survival as a species?

Could this be the beginning of us all understanding why this all happened?

Is this the evolution of Kanyini breaking itself down to reform?

To evolve, like the caterpillar turns into a butterfly?

On our insane destructive path, have we managed to do something our tribal ancestors could not do. Break down the old Kanyini. 

We have connected all the tribes of the world through transport and communication technology. 

Perhaps for the Kanyini to evolve, this had to happen?

Imagine the Kanyini taking an evolutionary leap, through us and our unconscious actions.

Has not evolution always worked that way?

If we could listen and learn from the First Peoples of Australia, we could all make steps to finding out how the Kanyini could return.

An evolved Kanyini. A global Kanyini that has merged into one.

Tjukurrpa; A global belief system that is based on natural law of respect and compassion. For each to commune with the truth of their own heart the way they want. That accepts and embraces all nationalities, religions and tribal cultures as different aspects of the one and acknowledges that we are all essentially good with a healthy connection to source through Kanyini.

Kurunpa; A connection to our spiritual self beyond the physical with the freedom to practice any or multicultural ceremonies rituals and prayers of our own choice. Free from the dogma and the agenda of dysfunctional ego. To be one with God.

Walcha; Our evolved connected being would allow us to see and treat all as friends, family or tribe as One. We would feel loved and connected to an earth family. We would be connected to our heart and discover a whole new way of interrelating without the need for Police, guns, prisons and wars. We would find our spirit. We would automatically become sane and treat each other with respect.

Ngura; Where we would see the whole planet Earth as home, a place where we are welcome, for us to freely move around without borders and boundaries. Feeling a complete connection to the whole Earth and the land under our feet, we would have a constant feeling of Home.

Birthed in the 60s, if you look around you can see the developing butterfly in sub cultures and individuals around the world as they find new ways to reconnect to the four principles of Kanyini.

Even still to this day.

The technology of smart phones and the internet is finishing off the work of destroying the old Kanyini in even the most remote places on the earth.

If Australia has the oldest uninterrupted culture on earth. We are likely to be distant relations, that perhaps left a long time ago to fulfil a destiny.

We found a power that we could not control and returned only to destroy our own people.

We now face the reality that we are about to destroy ourselves and the Earth.

Uncle Bob's call could be our distant past, calling us to remember.

In order to make this evolutionary leap we need to make full circle.

We must do this together and we need to see our innocence in order to find true forgiveness.

We must see that we are part of something much bigger than our own individual lives and stories.

To find our spirit again we need to sit in circle and sing together. With open hearts. Without external beliefs or dogma. To break free from the ego we must remember the Kanyini.

I have a saying. “You can take the people from the tribe but you can't take the tribe from the people.”

We are all tribal people by nature and the Kanyini is our way and our connection to home.

We need to join together in heart and soul to call for the Kanyini to return.

We are one and we are many, carrying the light of eternity, through the darkest of times. Only to find, through our suffering and pain that we are unconsciously creating heaven on earth like we could never have imagined...

In faith and spirit...Kevin James Carroll