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KANYINI is a word from the Australian ‘Pitjantjatjara’ [central Australian tribal lands] spiritual language base that is best represented in English language as meaning: unconditional love addressing personal responsibility for your relatedness to the whole.

We each have our own relationship with Kanyini and it is an integral part of who we are as individual spiritual beings. Yet, Kanyini cannot be possessed or owned by an individual; it can only be spiritually witnessed and must be shared with others to be fully recognised as a universal foundation for understanding life, if it is to become an integrated part of your spiritual foundation.

Respectfully understanding that the four principle elements of Kanyini [Tjukurrpa, Kurunpa, Walytja, Ngura] are not personal and that they form the foundation of a common globally collective spiritual relationship with all life, helps you return to your Kanyini.

In exactly the same way the word ‘water’ is not actual water, the word Kanyini is not actual Kanyini. Your Kanyini is a state of mind; it is a relative metaphysical position of spiritual being that is more often than not misunderstood and the knowledge of Kanyini has been lost by most people in the 'Spiritually Barron' commercial malaise that is modernity.

The first and most important step to create a balanced foundation for any spiritual seeker [person on a pathway to expand their spiritual relationship with life] is always a return too their Kanyini.

By returning to your Kanyini, you establish your primary spiritual relationship with the whole.

Kanyini Returns – The prayer – The Chant – Singing up new beginnings, "So Mote It Be" (Bob Randall).

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In early 2012, Kevin James, inspired by a personal request from my partner Robyn to create a chant that would envelop Kanyini and the four principles of life Kanyini represents in the broader understanding of Australian history, went on, with the support of many others, to create this chant and film clip that is now significantly etched into Australia’s spiritual healing history. 

We requested Kevin’s specialist input as one of Australia's leading Mantra performers to help us set a deeply healing spiritual foundation for the reconciliation week gathering we were hosting on the Central Coast of NSW Australia called ‘Sharing The Wisdom’ featuring Australia’s #1 Master Teacher of Kanyini [external link] at the time, and Global Oneness Project [external link] ambassador Uncle Bob Randall [Tjilpi] [Deceased 2015] [external link]

Along with the healing energy of Australian Dreamtime Spirit Guide Flying Eagle through the collective community representation of the Dreamtime Alphabet in painted art form, [art by spiritual artist Colin Wightman [external link] (Deceased 2015)] this was an Australia wide - Spiritual Healing first. 

The art work was displayed and celebrated at the Central Coast, Gosford public library. [View Library Image Here] [View the Painting Titled 'Sharing The Wisdom' Here] [View the Dreamtime Alphabet Here]

This film clip and song had its first public viewing at Avoca Cinema on the Central Coast during Reconciliation Week 2012 in front of 250 people with Uncle Bob in attendance. It received overwhelming public acclaim and has been viewed on YouTube [external link] over 19,000 times. 

You can read the in-depth thoughts of Kevin James about Kanyini that led to the creation of this outstanding Australian Spiritual Healing Mantra Here 

Buy the song Kanyini from Kevin James Heart Songs HERE  [external link]

View all of Kevin's outstanding spiritual healing work HERE   [external link]

Tjukurrpa Kurunpa Walytja Ngura. X2
We walked away, long time ago we took away our Kanyini.
We turned away, long time ago we took away, our connection
to Kanyini.
Tjukurrpa – Our ancestors, our dreaming.
Kurunpa – Our spirit, our soul.
Walytja – Our kinship, our family.
Ngura – Our land, our home.
With love I offer this prayer
in the name of all that is sacred and holy.
With love I offer this prayer
in the name of all in the name of Kanyini.
Kanyini, Kanyini, Kanyini, return return. X4
from Life is Perfect, [external link] released February 3, 2013.
Copyright Kevin James Carroll.

Below: is an image map of the four Kanyini principles in action.

The universal energy vibrations pass simultaneously in different directions through the unconscious energy vector points when your Kanyini is operating at its full potential. Blockages occur when Kanyini remains unrecognised. 

The four Kanyini energy vector points can be compared to the correlating chakra points - 1) Crown and Third Eye combined. 2) Throat and Heart combined, 3) Sacral and Solar Plexus combined, 4) Base/Root Chakra remains singular as Earthed in the Mother.  

A very simple Descriptive of the four vector points.

Tjukurrpa – Creation Period/Dreamtime - Consciousness, Psyche, Belief

Kurunpa – Spirit, Soul

Walytja – Family, Kinship, Trust

Ngura – Survival, Land, Home, Place, Mother


English explanation of the four Principles as provided by Kevin James Carroll.

As referenced in the personal context

  • Tjukurrpa; (Chook-oor-pa) A connection to a common belief system that was handed down to us from our ancestors and was accepted and unquestioned as the truth.
  • Kurunpa; (koor-oon-pa) A connection to our our spiritual self beyond our physical form, developed and maintained through ceremonies, songs and rituals that we would practice together and believed wholeheartedly.
  • Walytja; (Waal-chyah) A deep connection to our friends and family or tribe. Loved and respected we had a sense of belonging to something greater than our individual self. Living our whole lives with this strong support system and had very little contact with strangers.
  • Ngura; (Ngoor-ah) We were familiar and lived our entire lives with the land we could walk on and beyond this was unknown to us. We all shared a complete connection to home. A sense of belonging to the land.
As referenced in a Global context 

  • Tjukurrpa; A global belief system that is based on natural law of respect and compassion. For each to commune with the truth of their own heart the way they want. That accepts and embraces all nationalities, religions and tribal cultures as different aspects of the one and acknowledges that we are all essentially good with a healthy connection to source through Kanyini.
  • Kurunpa; A connection to our spiritual self beyond the physical with the freedom to practice any or multicultural ceremonies rituals and prayers of our own choice. Free from the dogma and the agenda of dysfunctional ego. To be one with God.
  • Walcha; Our evolved connected being would allow us to see and treat all as friends, family or tribe as One. We would feel loved and connected to an earth family. We would be connected to our heart and discover a whole new way of interrelating without the need for Police, guns, prisons and wars. We would find our spirit. We would automatically become sane and treat each other with respect.
  • Ngura; Where we would see the whole planet Earth as home, a place where we are welcome, for us to freely move around without borders and boundaries. Feeling a complete connection to the whole Earth and the land under our feet, we would have a constant feeling of Home.

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