Australian Shamanism

Reconnecting You With Your Timeless Shamanic Spiritual Lineage And Awakening Your Shamanic DNA

Australian Shamanism - Global Healers Project

"Every level of higher spiritual knowing arrives in human thought long before its time of popular mass acceptance. 
Thought Leaders on the cutting edge of every paradigm shift in spiritual thinking accept that breaking down the obstacles that stand in the way of authentic positive spiritual change might not be easy but it is part of the task they came to perform". Flying Eagle 

The Ancient Spiritual Elders of Australia's Shamanic Dreamtime invite you to become part of their Global Healers Project. As well as being the home of the most unique range of flora and fauna on earth Australia is also home to the worlds most unique and oldest surviving shamanic spiritual lineage. The invitation is open to all people of earth. 

The Australian Shamanism - Global Healers Project is a global collective spiritual healing transmission that will lead you to a profoundly divine heart opening experience. It is grounded through a specialist spiritual divination technique and the enlightened knowledge and wisdom base found only in the teachings of 'Universal Spirit Guide' Flying Eagle. Flying Eagle Medicine

As part of the Australian Shamanism Global Healers Project you will be nurtured, guided and supported by Flying Eagle to experience the intensely personal ways that you will evolve your own level of universal spiritual consciousness significantly relative to your reason and purpose for being. 

The Australian Shamanism Global Healers Project engages you in all of your regular daily activities at the deepest possible core level of spiritual connection with universal knowing through the direct transmission of Flying Eagle Energy.

Spiritual Activists in the Global Healing Project will become Direct Channels of Flying Eagle Medicine and will receive the omnipotent grace of being shown their uniquely personal visionary pathways, practices and methods of energetic transcendence and spiritual enlightenment by Flying Eagle on the Flying Eagle Medicine Pathway to reconnect you as a child of universal consciousness with your original global shamanic spiritual lineage. 

The core essence and foundation of Australia's Shamanic Dreamtime is 'More Than Human'. The immediate transmission of the heart opening and healing medicine that Flying Eagle delivers into your energy field is expansive and viscerally palpable. 

The feelings of universal oneness and the experience of the shift in consciousness you will experience is overwhelmingly peaceful and amazingly beautiful.   

As the initiate Spiritual Activist engaging in the Global Healers Project you are invited to embark on a 12 month personal Vision Quest along the Flying Eagle Medicine pathway. 

More information about the Australian Shamanic 12 month Vision Quest is contained in the Shamanic Revolution Workbook. 

A free preliminary view pdf version of Shamanic Revolution is available for immediate download. To download your preview now tap HERE

The full printed version of the Shamanic Revolution Workbook is available via print on demand HERE