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  • I found this reading to be very intuitive. Interesting when it relates to the 4 cards that you have at the beginning. I can see the association very much. Thank you for having this on your website. Sandy.
  • It was very insightful and helpful. Thank you :) Athena
  • Hi Darren You know I love these cards..They are always right. Jenny
  • Wow I am growing cleansing rejuvenating listening to my instincts planning and yes somewhat rocking the boat. Mental and emotional spring cleaning. Sowing seeds to manifest my dreams. Many thanks Flying Eagle* Debra
  • I found the reading so accurate for me at this time. 1- Initiation/Action, 2 - Opening/Change, 3 - Instinct/Courage and 4 - Abundance/Guidance...thank you so much for giving me clarity and the opportunity to have this acknowledge.....thank you Darren and blessings. Astral
  • Amazing thanks. Kerrie

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Instructions for how to complete your Free Flying Eagle Medicine Card online reading. 

  • Select 4 cards 1 at a time by tapping or clicking the card you select. 
  • Each has a position in your energy cycle as noted in the layout above. 
  • Read each meaning in the sequence as shown in the layout.
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What is unique about the Sacred Shaman Oracle: In the sequence of selecting four cards.... words that are directed to you from the spirit realm will appear. The reader or querent is plugged in to a much stronger and deeper connection in the Psychic Energy Matrix when using the Sacred Shaman Oracle. From two to four letter words, sometimes in direct answer to a single question like - YES or NO - other times a name can be delivered or a direction like - STAY - in the example used above. At times the word might hold no meaning for anyone else but you. Any word you receive will always hold a very significant meaning in the moment that is unfolding in your life. Please pay close attention to it. Record each card you select. Please note: The words can appear as direct spell casting from the spirit realm or they can be slightly jumbled depending on the energetic flow and spirit realm connection you are experiencing at the time of your reading. 


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