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What is standout different about a Sacred Shaman Oracle reading?

The Sacred Shaman Oracle is as psychically accurate as a Spirit Medium's Ouija Board 
and is a channelled spirit realm messenger like Odin's Runes.

The Sacred Shaman Oracle is one of a kind in its unique Psychic Super Natural Power 

The Sacred Shaman Oracle adds a very different dimension to every psychic reading.

In the sequence of selecting four cards.... words that are directed to you from the spirit realm will appear. 

The reader or querent are plugged in to a much stronger and deeper connection in the Psychic Energy Matrix when using the Sacred Shaman Oracle. 

A free Sacred Shaman Oracle reading provides you with the added magical psychic dimension of receiving direct messages from the spirit realm in words. 

From two to four letter words, sometimes in direct answer to a single question like - YES or NO - other times a name can be delivered or a direction like - STAY - in the example used above.
Any word you receive will hold a very significant meaning in the moment that is unfolding in your life.
Pay close attention to it. 

The Sacred Shaman Oracle is a modern day ancestor of Odin's Runic Alphabet possessing a global collective universal psychic resonance. It is a spiritual alphabet in the same shamanic lineage that comprises the mystical and magical spirit guide values of the Message Stick symbols in the Dreamtime Alphabet given to us by Flying Eagle. 

The words can appear as direct spell casting from the spirit realm or they can be slightly jumbled depending on the energetic flow and spirit realm connection you are experiencing at the time of your reading. 

Take note of every message in words that is sent your way from the spirit realm. 
The very powerful 4x4 card spread - four cards selected 4 times, set then read in an initiated ordered sequence - reveals a select line of spell casting with a direct personal message from the spirit realm to the querent.

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The Sacred Shaman Oracle is a Parapsychology and Psychic Energy Divination system based on the traditional shamanic practice of divination dating back to original Animism over 20,000 years ago. The ancient origins of the divination practice for spiritual healing and protection purposes explains that the human energy system reflects a myriad of dynamic natural energy fields. [Spirit Guide Energies] Each of these fields has an impact on the individuals spiritual core, emotional stability, health, wellbeing and security, in ways to numerous to go into here. Shamanic divination aligns your conscious mind with the predominant subconscious and unconscious energy fields [Spirit Guide Energies] impacting your personal energy stream in a specific moment or unfolding event.  

The four elements in this reading are as follows [Card Spread Shown In Detail Below]
1) Ancestors - Collective/Consciousness/Universe 
2) Personal - Need/Growth/Soul/Spirit 
3) Friends - Family/Relationships/Union 
4) Survival Skills - Community/Grounding/Home
This represent an overview of the energy fields only. It is not an exhaustive list.

Within each field is a complex multi layered energy spectrum that the trained diviner recognises and works within. 
Balance in all four fields is optimal but it is not always necessary. For example: in times of change relative balance can not be expected. A trained diviner will not necessarily be guided to sense any need for adjustment in the unfolding process. The change is potentially following its correct course, even when the querent [person posing the question] does not believe it to be so. The diviner will be able to pick up on any ritual or elemental protection required for individual health, safety and wellbeing, and will deliver expected time frames for completion or any new events that will be unfolding as a result of the change process. 

- "Experienced diviners understand that events in the outer world or relative world, as complex as they might appear, often reflect your own internalised suppressed thoughts and feelings that always follow observable patterns and cycles" - 
A Shamanic Diviner creates their own Oracle as part of their sacred initiation rite. [You can Receive the Sacred Shamanic Initiation Rites into the Flying Eagle Medicine Tribe and Create your own Sacred Shaman Oracle here]

Even though you yourself might be unclear about what those internalised suppressed thoughts and feelings are, or how the cycles and observable patterns unfold, they always impact your daily experience. The Sacred Shaman Oracle helps you turn your attention inward and away from outside events so you can find new clarity and understanding about what is really happening in your personal energy field.

You can enjoy the full personal benefit of free online readings by using the 100% distinctive divination system and spiritual direction of the Sacred Shaman Oracle - Flying Eagle Medicine Cards.

When life seems to be full of doubt and uncertainty we tend to look for a source of inspiration. 
What is happening in the moment? 
What energy is active around me? 
Am I achieving my hearts desires? 
Have I completely missed the life lesson unfolding before me? 
What will happen if I make this decision and not that one? 

Love Relationships
Home Life
Personal Development
Future Prospects
..... The Sacred Shaman Oracle presents you with direction or options that are not always clear or evident on a first assessment or in times of high stress that are regularly complex and compounded by confusion, worry, pain and suffering.

This is why the universal divination power of the Sacred Shaman Oracle is used - to satisfy our natural human longing to explore every option we have that will inform the daily choices we make in our present moment. 
The choices we make always will and always do have a huge affect on our unfolding future.
An experienced diviner will regularly consult the Oracle of their choosing that best reflects their spiritual relationship with the universal whole as a sacred and respected component in their decision making process    

A Sacred Shaman Oracle Flying Eagle Medicine Card Reading focuses your attention on gaining a clearer understanding of the here and now to help you make decisions and choices. 

End Introduction

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  • I found this reading to be very intuitive. Interesting when it relates to the 4 cards that you have at the beginning. I can see the association very much. Thank you for having this on your website. Sandy.
  • It was very insightful and helpful. Thank you :) Athena
  • Hi Darren, You know I love these cards..They are always right. Jenny
  • Wow I am growing cleansing rejuvenating listening to my instincts planning and yes somewhat rocking the boat. Mental and emotional spring cleaning. Sowing seeds to manifest my dreams. Many thanks Flying Eagle* Debra
  • I found the reading so accurate for me at this time. 1- Initiation/Action, 2 - Opening/Change, 3 - Instinct/Courage and 4 - Abundance/Guidance...thank you so much for giving me clarity and the opportunity to have this acknowledge.....thank you Darren and blessings. Astral
  • Amazing thanks. Kerrie

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