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Reconnecting You With Your Timeless Shamanic Spiritual Lineage And Awakening Your Shamanic DNA

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Congratulations - Your Guided Vision Quest Journey On The Flying Eagle Medicine Pathway Will Begin When This Countdown Process Has Ended - The Organic Shamanic  Initiation Sequence Of Flying Eagle Medicine Is Now Being Locked And Loaded Into Your Spiritual DNA Energy Stream - Remain Seated During This Countdown Process And Prepare Yourself To Take Off On The Cosmological Journey Of A Universal Lifetime.
Flying Eagle



To all the lovers of authentic, real and grounded spiritual passion, purpose and meaning, and to those who love extremely challenging, extremely rewarding spiritual adventures; the Flying Eagle Medicine pathway is devoted 100% entirely to you and for you. Now, get ready to go hard or go back to sleep again. All love is good love, but sometimes tough love is exactly what we need to sharpen our dull edges and hone our gliding skills. There is no love lost here, because it grows like wild rice in abundance on the Flying Eagle Medicine pathway. Always remember that no blame will ever be laid at your feet, you are a new born on the Flying Eagle Medicine pathway. No refunds of time will ever be offered in exchange for thoughts of failure or time wasting because no one has ever walked away from the pathway and gone back to sleep empty handed, not ever.  

The launch button at the bottom of this page begins your guided journey on the hidden secret initiation pathway that is woven into and throughout the background creation energy of this internationally award wining Vision Quest website. Every selected start up, stop over, hover past, sneaky peek or mountain peak you witness on your fly-by and experience in your current resident spiritual energy spectrum are included in this guided vision journey to provide you with the most intense and absolute extreme, yet, 100% safest possible, 100% proven true, 100% tested real and 100% organically grown, spiritually authorised global shamanic vision quest journey ever taken and ever witnessed in real time in the entire collective of human history. 

This is a guided vision quest. Once you have pressed launch button and are on the pathway you will be given the options and instructions on ways you can increase the intensity of the guided experience for personal pleasure and more personally fulfilling outcomes. 

The launch button to begin take off will not be active until midnight GMT December 20th 2018. If you have arrived here early we understand your frustration but ask you please remain comfortably seated in the waiting room of the launch area - bookmark your place on this page and return back to this exact spot after Midnight GMT 20/12/18. Site Crew 

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