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Flying Eagle Medicine - Launch Area


Congratulations - Your Guided Vision Quest Journey On The Flying Eagle Medicine Pathway Will Begin When This Countdown Process Has Ended - The Organic Shamanic  Initiation Sequence Of Flying Eagle Medicine Is Now Being Locked And Loaded Into Your Spiritual DNA Energy Stream - Remain Seated During This Countdown Process And Prepare Yourself To Take Off ..... On The Cosmological Journey Of A Universal Lifetime.
Flying Eagle


To every seeker of universal truth who is ever born onto the earth plane, to everyone who hears the call to become a spiritual healer in a world gone completely insane, to the lovers of authentic and real spiritual passion, to those who adore challenging and extremely rewarding spiritual adventures, to the believers in a GOD of creation that can only be found and personally experienced beyond religious dogma and fear, to those who sense their ancient spiritual connection to our earth mother and our collective shamanic family lineage through all time; the Flying Eagle Medicine pathway is 100% dedicated entirely to you and is devoted in time and space for your wellbeing and healing. 

Tapping the launch button at the bottom of this page will begin your guided journey on the Flying Eagle Medicine [shamanic initiation] pathway that leads directly to the core [heart] of the 'resident background creation energy' woven through this internationally award wining vision quest website. 

Prepare to experience the most authentic, grounded and absolute pure shamanic initiation possible for intelligent 'conscious minds' living in the modern digital world of time in space

The launch button to begin take off will not be active until midnight GMT December 20th 2018. If you have arrived here early we understand your frustration but ask you please remain comfortably seated in the waiting room of the launch area - bookmark your place on this page and return back to this exact spot after Midnight GMT 20/12/18. Site Crew