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Australian Dreamtime Alphabet

Australian Shamanism - Spiritual Reconciliation Australia 
Congratulates Every Australian For Their Collective Courage
And Driven Commitment To Own Their National Story Of Spiritual Healing 
And Embrace Their International Spiritual Truth  

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The People Of Australia Can Be Very Proud Of Their Determination To Heal Their Collective Past 

And Set A True Focus On Their Positive Shared Future.

'By The People For The People' 

The Australian Dreamtime Alphabet Is The Result Of A Long Journey Focused On  

Collective Australian Spiritual Healing 

This Moment Is Australian Dreamtime History In The Making

This moment in our united national pride of one people united in our connection with the Dreamtime as a shared national spiritual treasure began in a very different place and time. 

What follows is a recent timeline of the spiritual healing journey that many Australian people accepted as part of the greatest challenge this nation has ever faced resulting in the appearance of the new Dreamtime Alphabet Story a true Australian Dreamtime Legend.

Charles Perkins 1965 
Freedom Ride. New South Wales, 12-26 February 1965. [external link]

Inspired by the Freedom Riders of the American Civil Rights Movement, students from the University of Sydney formed a group called the Student Action for Aborigines, led by Charles Perkins (the first Indigenous Australian to graduate tertiary education) among others, and travelled into New South Wales country towns on what some of them considered a fact-finding mission. What they encountered was de facto segregation; the students protested, picketed, and faced violence, raising the issue of Indigenous rights. They commonly stood protesting for hours at segregated areas such as pools, parks and pubs which raised a mixed reception in the country towns. The Freedom Riders achieved many outcomes. They were successful in bringing attention to the poor state of the people, mostly due to the media attention they gained. Two years after the media coverage they gained in Walgett, in the national referendum of 1967, the Australian people voted overwhelmingly in favour of removing individual state control over the way Indigenous people were governed and treated. There was a 90.77% yes vote and this eventually led to many needed reforms at a federal level.   

Vincent Lingiari & Gough Whitlam

The story of the Dreamtime begins at the dawn of time, however - this story of trust and belief in the Dreamtime for Australian Politicians begins in 1966 when Vincent Lingiari, healer, spiritual leader, elder, wise man, medicine man, community and human rights activist, spokesman for the people and Australian Legend - began a journey toward  the year 1975 when, and as a direct result of his actions, commitment and intention over a period of years, an important and symbolic spiritual event in Australian history occurred [Australia's first official spiritual handover ceremony].
During the significantly emotional spiritual handover ceremony, Australian Prime Minister [Labor Party Leader] Gough Whitlam [another Australian Legend] poured sand from the earth into Vincent Lingiari's hands, symbolically returning the land beneath his feet into the safe hands of its spiritual caretakers.
This moment of national pride and historical spiritual healing was documented in words and music by Australia's own creative artists Kev Carmody and Paul Kelly 1991

From Little Things Big Things Grow

Australia Is Home To Worlds Oldest Living Spiritual Culture

The  story of Australia's Dreamtime Alphabet Has Risen Through The Dreaming of Great Spirit On The Land As Old As Time Itself. 

Some relevant background history to the arising of our new Australian Dreamtime creation story.

In the lead up to the end of the end of the millennium our Australian collective unconscious mindset was being turned inward toward healing a divided past and the conscious vision of the Australian people was being focused on a brighter future for all Australian's through reconciliation and the year 2000 Olympic Millennium Celebration in Sydney Australia.

The 2000 Olympic Millennium Celebration in Sydney Australia was a once in a thousand year event and a lot had happened on a global scale to disrupt and disturb the once very isolated living experience of Australia's first people in the preceding 1000 years that would require a lot of grounded spiritual healing energy and become an exercise in metaphysical re-balancing if the once in a 1000 year celebration was going to be an outstanding physical show piece of national unity and a spiritual healing success story. And that, it most certainly was!

The legendary ANZAC spirit and the Aussie die hard belief in giving everyone a fair go and fighting to uphold human rights for everyone meant that the choice of the Olympic committee to host its 'Millennium Games', in a country of proud people that would strive to ascend any hurdle, and never say die in every effort to accept responsibility for their actions on one side of the healing divide and forgive all failings on the other side, was the correct choice. The challenging scale of the national healing the Millennium Games could achieve in Australia was targeted to be at the pinnacle of Olympic Philosophy, Values, Ideals and ethics. [external link]

The Olympic flame is a spiritual symbol used in the Olympic movement.  The flame has come to symbolise "the light of spirit, knowledge, and life." Several months before the Olympic Games, the Olympic flame is lit at Olympia [a sacred site in Greece]. This spiritual ceremony starts the Olympic torch relay, which formally ends with the lighting of the Olympic cauldron during the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. The flame then continues to burn in the cauldron for the duration of the Games, until it is extinguished during the Olympic closing ceremony.

The move forward in shared trust to heal any residual anger, pain, guilt or the residual shame that was the left over as a result of just over two centuries of Australia's inclusion in the Westernised Global village, that originally began approximately 2,500 years ago in Athens Greece with the creation of the first known democracy, was a huge leap of faith, but a step that had to be taken. This was the perfect choice for the Olympic committee to make in 1993 and it made 100% perfect sense on global village scale to the observant witnesses watching it all unfold.

Sydney Is Chosen 

Cathy Lights The Olympic Flame Of Spirit, Knowledge, And Life - For A United Australia In Sydney 2000

The inward journey of spiritual healing for the Australian people and the pathway to the unfolding story of the Dreamtime Alphabet was blessed through love for each other as ONE people on One earth and One land and the healing vibration of music. Wordsmiths and poetic artists who sensed the deep connection to the spirit of Australia's healing energy encapsulated the emotional outpouring of the Australian peoples spiritual healing journey through the words of their songs. As One, hand in hand and side by side the pathway to healing called us together as one Mob and set a direction for the future of all Australian people. By leading the world in our understanding of authentic spiritual healing, we as a proud nation have embraced every minute of our challenging journey as a united Mob.

(Official) Solid Rock - Goanna -1982

Solid Rock Lyrics - - [Out here nothin' changes, not in a hurry anyway - You feel the endlessness with the comin' of the light o' day - We're talkin' about a chosen place
You wouldn't sell it in a marketplace, well - Well just a minute now - Standing on solid rock - Standing on sacred ground -Living o-on borrowed ti-i-i-ime - And the winds of change are blowin' down the line - Right down the line - Round about the dawn o' time, When dreamin' all began - A crowd o' people came - Well they were looking for their promised land -Were running from the heart of darkness -Searching for the heart o' light
- Well it was their paradise - But they were standin' on - solid rock - Standing o-on sacred grou-ound -Living o-on borrowed ti-i-i-ime - And the winds of change were blowing cold that night - Oh -They were standin' on the shore one day, Saw the white sails in the sun -Wasn't long before they felt the sting, white man, white law, white gun - Don't tell me that it's justified, 'cause somewhere, someone lied - Yeah well someone lied, someone lied, genocide - Well someone lied, oh, ahh - And now you're standing on - solid rock - Standing o-on a sacred grou-ound - Living o-on borrowed ti-i-i-ime - And the winds of change are blowin' down the li-ine - Solid rock, Standing on sacred ground - Living o-on borrowed ti-i-i-ime - And the winds of change are blowing down the line - Solid rock, Standing o-on sacred grou-ound - Living o-on borrowed ti-i-i-ime
And the winds of change are blowing down the line - Oh-oh-oh no, NO-O]

Black Fella White Fella

Warumpi Band 1985


John Williamson and Warren Williams

Raining On The Rock 1986 


Midnight Oil

Beds Are Burning 1987


Yothu Yindi

Treaty 1991

Australian Politicians were moving forward through the healing energy being sung up across the land by the people and the city of Sydney was in full preparation mode to win the 2000 Olympics bid in 1993 when Paul Keating presented the historical Redfern Address on behalf of all Australian people.

Paul Keating - Redfern Address December 1992

"This is a fundamental test of our social goals and our national will: our ability to say to ourselves and the rest of the world that Australia is a first rate social democracy, that we are what we should be - truly the land of the fair go and the better chance. There is no more basic test of how seriously we mean these things" (Paul Keating). Download the full text of address in PDF format HERE

1999 The Dreamtime Alphabet Appears In Form 

The year was 1999. In a small ancient fishing village on sacred midden marked land near the wash pools of Aldinga in South Australia [Kaurna Country], a new Dreamtime Creation Story was born into the history of the oldest continuing shamanic [Animist] spiritual culture on earth

It was less than 10 years after Paul Keating had questioned how serious Australian people take "these things" and 12 months before the start of the new millennium games in Sydney. The efforts of the people to heal as one was exemplary and had coalesced in the creative spirit of the Dreamtime to take form as a unique spiritual healing artefact that they could proudly share as one united people. 

The Dreamtime Alphabet now holds the miraculous space as a Dreamtime memorial in Australia's spiritual history. It also provides all Australian people with an authentic living spiritual pathway providing the real experience of the spiritual magic, mystery and mastery that the spiritual knowledge and wisdom of the Dreamtime has in its possession.  

It is a time for real celebration in Australia 

As a united nation Australia now has a internationally recorded spiritual alphabet that memorialises its ancient spiritual past, its healing pathway and sets a foundation for a necessary united spiritual future. Through the creation story of the Dreamtime Alphabet and the spiritual grace of Dreamtime Spirit Guide Flying Eagle, the ancestors of the 'more than human' Dreamtime explain that the creation spirit of the Dreamtime is for all Australians to share with each other and the rest of the world proudly. Australian's can celebrate as One People in the united experience of unconditional love for the Dreamtime, this land we call home and its entire spiritual history and ancestry.

2018 - The voice of the nation is once again focused on healing 

Australian shamanism: Flying Eagle Dreaming the Dreamtime Alphabet Story… is a unique universal gift of transcendent consciousness. Your spirit guide on the journey to unlocking the deepest secrets of your pure universal spiritual relationship with life in human form has chosen to be called Flying Eagle. This is an English translation of the original creative cosmic urge for the infinite energy spectrum that exists beyond form [creative consciousness, dreamtime] to become one as physical matter in a dimension of time and space.

This English translation of Dreamtime knowledge and wisdom extends from a baseline of universal energy that creates all form and is interrelated with all life in time and space. As a defined result of a human healing and evolution process this spiritually collaborative work has involved highly evolved spiritual minds and a universally intelligent spiritual vanguard of mystics, sages, prophets’ healers and warriors etc, over thousands of generations on earth.

This very rare and unique English translation of the invisible transcendent [beyond physical form] Dreamtime energy spectrum creates a spiritually accountable, justified and balanced, tangible, cognitive and visual image of the collective human spiritual DNA and gives a clear description of the evolution of the universal spiritual family tree common to all life in time and space that can be understood, enjoyed, explored and experience by people from all walks of human life at any age. As a starting platform for the awakening spiritual mind, without any age barriers, the tangible cognitive and visual imagery of the Flying Eagle Dreaming story generates a collaborative global foundation of spiritual equity, unconditional love, an understanding of shared responsibility, creative spiritual dynamism and a sensation in conscious thought that equals total peace of pure universal mind.