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Darren John Maxwell Flying Eagle Medicine Tribe

Elder Shaman - Healer - Sacred Ceremony Facilitator

Darren John Maxwell

DJM was chosen to receive the sacred spiritual blessing & honour of being the original Shamanic spiritual channel, living witness and physical caretaker through which Flying Eagle Medicine and the Sacred Shaman Oracle first emerged into human consciousness. His dedicated and ground-breaking work with Flying Eagle has bridged the space-time gap between ancient and contemporary Shamanic practices for all future generations of human life on Mother Earth who are awakening as One Universal Vision on the common ground of their Global Village.

Born of Maxwell Clan Lineage in Glenelg South Australia, into the suburban family matrix of the White Australia Policy and Christian spiritual dynamism in 1961, DJM was first welcomed into traditional Australian Shamanic Spirit Lore among the termite mounds, red bull-dust and scorching dry heat of the Tanami Desert in the Australian Northern Territory in 1988, and was adopted into the Flying Eagle Medicine Tribe.

He spent over ten years in the arid harsh Outback of Australia learning the ways of traditional spirit guides and familiars, trackers, Kadaicha Man Lore and the ancient ways of the Feather Foot.

He was first recognised as a 'Gifted Universal Spiritual Channel’ and global representative of the Flying Eagle Medicine tribe in 1999, when as part of a long prophesied and widely heralded shamanic global healing experience he was chosen by Flying Eagle to receive the new millennium vision of the Sacred Shaman Oracle on ancient sacred coastal land in Aldinga South Australia.

DJM continues to travel extensively healing ancient song lines performing ritual and ceremony, as well as providing the 24/7 online presence of Flying Eagle for the awakening Universal Shamanic Consciousness on Mother Earth.

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Testimonial. Thank you for all you have been through to be you Darren. I appreciate you greatly. 2+years ago deeply struggling i was handed your deep and personal book.
I started reading. I slowed down and
I started to write notes. Some books have entertained me, some have moved me, but few have lightend my heart. "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" is one, "Conversations with God" another.
But your book is something else. My universe shifted towards balance and I felt life returning and freedom and strength to grow and change my reality. Love and gratitude Darren for all the wisdom you share. You are a braveheart, strong sole. Download Book Free Here
Sacred Shaman Oracle raw

In 2002, using internationally recognised spiritual science investigation techniques, DJM confirmed to the world that the Sacred Shaman Oracle is an easily recognisable integral component in an ancient Divine global spiritual lineage connected with the Spiritually Ordained Runic Oracle.

[Sacred Shaman Oracle Pic Above - Runic Oracle Pic Below]

Runic oracle raw

DJM Completed The Ancient Traditional Shamanic Cycle Of Respectful Spiritual Energy Return And Healing In His Relationship As Channel, Caretaker And Witness To Flying Eagle Medicine With World Renown Aboriginal Artist, Colin Wightman (Dec) [spiritual artwork producer] And World Renown Aboriginal Elder, Bob Randall (Dec) [Tjilpi, Song Man, Wise Man] from Uluru Central Australia Desert in 2012. 

[DJM & Bob Randall in picture below. Gosford Library NSW Australia]

Bob Randall and Darren Maxwell Sharing the wisdom art display 2012

DJM spent the early years of his journey with Flying Eagle traveling the cities of Australia and engaging spiritual seekers face to face with the raw primordial healing beauty of Flying Eagle and the Sacred Shaman Oracle with great acclaim. 

It was not until 2015 that DJM was guided by Flying Eagle to record Flying Eagle's Vision in written words and for the first time publicly release the extraordinary story about Flying Eagle's appearance into human consciousness in the seminal work of Flying Eagle titled The Modern Urban Shaman: A Guide To The Transcendent Experience Of Shamanic Mastery For 21st Century Healers. 

Readers have been both touched and inspired by Flying Eagle's Vision: The reviews reflect the readers moments of pure connection.  You can download the full original 2015 version for free here 

By Chris Radnedge 31/08/2017
5 stars. Very well written book. This book is about accessing tools for awakening. 'If you want to awaken the world you must awaken all of yourself'

By Suzie Sedevic 11/11/2016
I am currently reading this wonderful book and believe it will resound with everyone on Earth regardless of nationality if they are open and accepting to a life changing spiritual journey into self discovery. Thank you Darren Maxwell

By Yvonne Geitz 10/11/2016
I do not read many books,I was drawn to the modern urban shaman, I am so glad I found it as it is a eye opener for me and I will get on to the next step with the courses and thank you. From Yvonne

By Jacki Boxall 10/11/2016
I bought this book for my husband yet was so drawn to also read it myself. I read the book and bought the card set that goes with it not realizing how much it would change my life. I got so much out of it that I am am spending this weekend doing the Modern Urban Shaman Tarot course with the wonderful author of this book Darren Maxwell. Thank you Darren for creating such an amazing and informative book. I can't wait for the next one. Jacki Boxall.

By Chris Lavender 29/07/2017

This book hit me in a way no other has, it was nothing but divine timing that I read this when I did and I have connected with the author and intend to learn further from him. Chris 

Under instruction from Flying Eagle in September 2017 DJM began work on transcribing and translating into written words the Sacred Shaman Oracle 28 Day - Guided Soul Retrieval Vision Quest. It took a little time for it to grow to the point of pure spiritual authority it is today. Its initial growth cycle began in a collective healing circle summer solstice 2017. Below is link to very some profound words of extraordinary praise for Flying Eagle from two of the original committed healing circle participants, Kelly & Lindy in deepest reflection of Flying Eagle's pure intention for everyone on the Sacred Shaman Oracle 28 Day Guided Soul Retrieval Vision Quest.