Reconnecting You With Your Timeless Shamanic Spiritual Lineage And Awakening Your Shamanic DNA

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Shamanic Alchemy Distance Healing

Healing / Protection / Health / Well-Being / Security


If you are experiencing dis-ease in your life and are sick of sensing spiritual pain and the exhausting feelings associated with needless emotional suffering, you have arrived at the right place.

Distance Healing Should Always Be An Informed Personal Choice. Following Is A List Of Six Phases Of Preparation That You Will Need To Achieve If You Want To Receive Total Universal Grace And The Full Healing Energy Impact Of Shamanic Alchemy Flying Eagle Medicine In Your Life Right Now. 

  1. Be able to make a strong commitment to your spiritual and emotional health and well-being 
  2. Be fully open to experience distance healing in ways you or others around you have never imagined it to be 
  3. Be ready to cancel all judgements and allow all things to be exactly as they are
  4. Be willing to have the most powerful and amazing spiritual healing experience of your entire life
  5. Be happy to commitment to a 12 month daily subscription to the Flying Eagle Medicine Circle
  6. Be prepared to access your subconscious and unconscious healing energy matrix

Your deliberate and inspired voluntary energy exchange respectfully completes all positive energy transfer transactions and is a genuine measure of your passionate commitment to receive healing. 


How Does Shamanic Alchemy Flying Eagle Medicine - Distance Healing Work?

Because of its daily survival needs your body operates at a subconscious/unconscious level to pump blood, breathe in oxygen, expel waste, process fuel and heal damage to your physical body. Flying Eagle Medicine - Distance Healing works energetically to stimulate and awaken your dormant natural subconscious and unconscious spiritual and emotional healing energy processes that are encoded into your original shamanic spiritual DNA.

Flying Eagle Medicine is filled with miraculous and complex healing properties that are too many and too varied to number.

Flying Eagle Medicine is an ancient sacred shamanic healing energy transmission. 

You do not have to be physically present with the shamanic healer.

Flying Eagle Medicine distance healing energy is 'sent' and 'received' by intention. Correctly stated the healing energy is neither 'sent' nor 'recieved', it is omnipresent. Because the healing energy used in Flying Eagle Medicine is "More-Than-Human" or "Ever Present" it is classed as unconsciously intuitive and requires a deliberate conscious registration of personal intention and the desire by every participant to begin the healing activation. A regular healing time is set aside every day between participant and practitioner to facilitate acknowledgment, growth and respect for the More-Than-Human healing process that is taking place. [Explained in your distance healing package]

Distance healing is very effective because energy medicine therapies work by accessing the participants energy body, not their physical body. Flying Eagle Medicine - Distance Healing requires a minimum of no less than 15 to 20 minutes of your committed time per day for the initial 28 day self-medication sequence.

Shamanic Alchemy - Distance Healing works much better in the long term than in person healing sessions because it: 

  1. Provides more flexibility 
  2. Contains longer and stronger total immersion times in the healing energy field
  3. Does not require travel time or separation from daily work or business commitments 
  4. Is easily accessible 
  5. Does not require time away from family, friends or loved ones 
  6. Reflects a modern world - time poor - balanced mind/body/spirit - quality time management focus 
  7. Represents a high degree of spiritual respect and self-determination.

Distance Healing is a subject with so many twist and turns it is difficult to assess authenticity, who can I trust? 

Trust is a difficult measure of determination. That is why Flying Eagle Medicine was tested and proved for over 21 years before it was finally made available as 'Distance Healing Spiritual Medicine' to the public on a large scale. Even though Flying Eagle Medicine might appear as a relatively new transmission of healing energy in the history of shamanic alchemy, its roots touch the most powerful ancient aspect of universal creation and that is where the healing takes place... in your core spiritual DNA. 

It is the 100% tested and proven shared experience of healing with Flying Eagle Medicine that confirms its shamanic spiritual authenticity and guarantees its effectiveness.

Will it help heal my relationships?

We all understand and know only too well that relationship problems… be they family, personal or business, and even physical illness at times - - can be directly or indirectly related to unrecognised emotional or spiritual suffering. 

Those old karmic wounds that everyone carries through life will always continue to fester and collectively engulf everything about you while ever you do nothing to engage in healing at the core DNA level that shamanic healing goes too.

If you are feeling stressed, depressed or anxious and sensing the heavy weight burdens and very negative energy of individual irrelevance, oppressed isolation, human separation, obsessive fear, depressive thoughts, uncontrolled anger or rage, spiritual disconnection and/or resentment - Flying Eagle Medicine will help you start healing from the inside out almost instantly. 

In as little as one week after you start using Flying Eagle Medicine in the ways explained in your distance healing package… you will begin to sense the inflow of extraordinary energy. 

Flying Eagle Medicine is classed as the most potent spiritual and emotional healing energy medicine available. 

It breaks down the toxic build up of calcified residue in your energetic anatomy and etheric lite body immeadiatley. 

The tangible changes within your energy spectrum will begin to have a long term 12 month residual impact at an unconscious cellular level after only 28 days of self medication and self initiation… and the flow on affects are remarkably sustainable and very significant in the global shamanic distance healing matrix.