Australian Shamanism

Reconnecting You With Your Timeless Shamanic Spiritual Lineage And Awakening Your Shamanic DNA

Australian Shamanism - An Australian First Spiritual Art Exhibition

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Above: The first Spiritual Art exhibition of the Australian Dreamtime Alphabet. Original artwork by Australian Spiritual Artist Colin Wightman. Exhibition timed to Coincide with Reconciliation week 2012 at the Gosford City Public Library. 

Uncle Bob Randall [Tjilpi] from central Australia [Mutijulu Spirit Man] left - and Darren John Maxwell [Master Australian Shaman and Spiritual Channel of the Dreamtime Alphabet Creation Story] right, are both in the picture.

Below: The complete set of paintings in Colin Wightmans, [external link] Sharing The Wisdom Through The Dreamtime Alphabet Message Sticks, completed artwork, tells the complete creation story of the Dreamtime Alphabet in a language that Colin new best. The colour tones are not as dynamic or as clear in the small file digital pictures uploaded here as they were in their original form but the essence of the Dreamtime Creation Story and the Dreaming Trail that links every symbol is clearly defined. Please note Colins artwork on the 2 Boomerang images in this 27 painting story. 

The single Boomerang changes hands and ends up in the centre of the 13th symbol of the 26 symbol Dreamtime Alphabet. 

Please note also that both images containing the Boomerang have Colin's artist mark and signature to confirm the authenticity of this series as one whole work and art, and that it is indeed his spiritual artwork. 

The colour changes in each image are reflective of Colin's personal and private understanding of the changing seasons and the energy vibration he was able sense in relationship to the seasons he experienced in the natural environment. 

The Dreaming Trail images in the painting titled Sharing The Wisdom, speak of his family lineage in great detail. 

In Memorial: Colin Wightmans' life was an incredible journey of sharing his incredible gift with all the people of Australia and the world through his artwork while caring deeply for others along the way. I am certain many of us still in the living realm will have extraordinarily fond memories of watching in awe as Colin completed his art in his pop up public galleries. His artwork is very highly sort after and his capacity as a prolific spiritual art channel saw him achieve some of the most incredible goals during his special time on earth. 

Colin is also very well remembered for the distinctive stories in his art featuring as decorations on the inside and outside of community centres in the places he loved and called home. Through the impact of his Dreamtime Alphabet artwork he will always be remembered in a physical memorial as a passionate spiritual pioneer who was involved in healing the emotive wounds of Australia's separated spiritual past and sharing the teaching of the Dreamtime with all Australian people for many generations to come.