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Reconnecting You With Your Timeless Shamanic Spiritual Lineage And Awakening Your Shamanic DNA

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The Modern Urban Shaman: A Guide to the Transcendent Experience of Shamanic Mastery for 21st Century Healers Signed


Immerse yourself in the timeless Dreamtime creation story of 'Spirit Guide Flying Eagle' and the legend of 'Australia's Dream Time Alphabet'. Learn how to: 1. create your own personal divination tool and medicine bag 2. create a sacred space 3. conduct sacred shamanic ceremonies 4. create a daily spirit guide ritual 5. connect with spirit familiars, power totems and guides 6. undergo transformative journeys for healing and personal development 7. connect with spiritual ancestors and evolutionary descendants 8. use soul level divination as a devotional pathway for spiritual awakening and personal freedom Preview on google books here

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