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The 26 Sacred Shaman Oracle Symbols Explained

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Card Groupings Explained

The Sacred Shaman Oracle - Spirit Blessing Ritual: To every spirit, in every man. On every shore, and every land. To all that makes the night sky glow, and all that makes the great tree grow. Bring peace on earth to every one, to every Dad and every Mum. To every Son and Daughter too, bring Peace on earth to me and you.

Shamanic resonance: There are two ways of interpreting your Sacred Shaman Oracle cards. The first is called the ‘Solar System’ of interpretation. The second is the ‘Lunar System’ of interpretation and we will take a thorough look at both.

The solar system of interpretation is very much aligned with the intuitive shamanic thinking process and for those who can react through intuition it is one way to easily establish individual meanings for each Sacred Shaman Oracle symbol. Some initiates find the solar system is a simple way to start and can establish a reading pattern early by using the solar system. This builds confidence and establishes a platform of success to build on.

The solar system of interpretation is interchangeable between the northern and southern hemisphere that is what makes it unique. Initiates who are in tune with the solar system pick up on the subtle seasonal changes of our sacred land. Initiates who can feel the rhythm of the Earth, hear the songs of the birds and the laughter of the trees, and are all ready to learn the meaning of the Sacred Shaman Oracle symbols through the whisper of the breeze.

I will explain to everyone that in alignment with the ancient traditions of sacred shamanic truth, the solar system of interpretation will never be recorded. No person will ever be able to teach this system too you, it can only be taught by the nature spirits and it will only be mastered by those who are destined for that life experience and that personal achievement.

I have been given safe passage by the ancestors to explore and explain the vision I was given, but my explanation has its limitations and true mastery will not be found in my words alone. To master the wisdom of the Solar System of interpretation you must spend time alone with the nature spirits. You must hear their stories and you must learn their wisdom. I stop short of calling this secret information and prefer to use the term ‘Spiritually Coded Information’. It is open for everyone to learn and once you take the steps that will lead to you learning how to decipher the natural code of spiritual enlightenment, the information contained in it will flow through you like a river to the sea. You will draw renewable energy from a source that is as yet unknown to you and you will be re-united with a spirit as old as creation itself. Blissful re-cognition through earth energy is an accurate title for this ‘Natural Spiritual Enlightenment Experience’.

Every conscious thinking human being has the ability to connect with the timeless spirit that exists within each and every one of us. Consulting with Sacred Shaman Oracle will help put you in touch with your own inner guidance system. The part of you that knows everything you need to know, now and in the future.

Open energy: As a reader, consulting with Sacred Shaman Oracle allows you to be free of conditioning, judgement and expectation. When choosing a Sacred Shaman Oracle symbol from the deck you are declaring your life to be open for change. In that brief moment you are free to transform, merge and evolve with the universe. We all live in a constant state of change, the lessons we learn come faster and faster as the universe compels us to new growth. To remain unchanged is to stagnate and die in the name of spirit. As you grow so does the experience. With growth comes change and what once seemed like familiar territory to you will become uncharted mountain peaks and seemingly bottomless valley’s waiting for you to explore. The old ways become outdated and a new course and direction is required for the reader who chooses to explore their natural psychic connection to the energy that created the elements of the Sacred Shaman Oracle.

The Solar System of Interpretation

  • Summer heat, warmth, growth, activity, light, energy, vitality.
  • Autumn decline, maturity, melancholy, change, stillness, reflection.
  • Winter cold, dark, hibernation, disintegration, de-generation, preparation.
  • Spring rebirth, new growth, beginnings, hope, renewal, re-generation.

In the Solar system of interpretation it is most important to pay attention to the solstice points in each season. There is a lead up to and a movement away from each. Eg: XYZ through the transition of the solstice point and out through ABC. This build up culminates in a solstice or equinox zenith for each season. In summer this zenith falls between A & Z and has no symbolic representation in the Sacred Shaman Oracle. The summer solstice represents the point of No-thing-ness. A limitless empty void that cannot be given any symbolism. In the autumn and spring the equinox symbols are G & T, these symbols indicate zenith energy that is not as active as the summer or winter solstice energy, and much more subtle change can be expected when these symbols turn up. The energy reaches a peak at each solstice and is always interpreted as working up too and away from peak cycles. In this experience each separate symbol has its own zenith and each has a point of conclusion, transition and a point of letting go.

Before all things, came the moment of limitless possibility, this cycle repeats endlessly. All that is necessary for the human experience to know as certain is that before all things comes the moment of limitless possibility. As a thought is to an action, so is this moment total potential to physical manifestation. The potential energy is not the physical manifestation, but the physical manifestation gives us clues and ways to understand how the potential energy gets things done. Watch closely and observe the stories. The seasonal cycle is never repeated exactly the same. For each repetition of every cycle, within each cycle, there is a growth increment factor that adds to the compound structure of the creation experience.


The lunar system of interpretation is not so much fixed or ridged but is answerable to a pattern of ‘Psychic Spiritual Experience’ that is exposed [it has a physical component] and therefore humanly reasoned and measurable. It can be taught, it can be regulated and it can be added too. The lunar system shines a light on spiritual passages and directed pathways that otherwise would remain in the dark for many. The lunar system is i’s dotted and t’s crossed and when doing readings for others it is important that the reader has a sound knowledge of the meanings and patterns of the lunar system of interpretation even if they are confidently capable of just using the solar system of personal interpretation.

In the Lunar System of Interpretation in the Sacred Shaman Oracle is divided into five groups. These five groups are foundational to every human growth experience. There is a common thread running through every human growth experience present at any given time.

Each group represents a stage in a complete cycle with the number of symbols in each group varying in the following order: 1 = 6, 2 = 5, 3 = 4, 4 = 5, 5 = 6.

1) The Issue

The first six symbols form a group that begins with fresh new and vital energy. We begin to see the sparkle wear off come the sixth symbol. Nothing is forever and this group’s energy portrays that. Something is always happening; there is never a time when things are not shifting, altering, changing. Recognising new energy and acknowledging the issue surrounding its present appearance in your life is a constant part of initial recognition. Freedom of choice is a wonderful gift after initial appraisals; will you stay with this new energy, does it serve a purpose for you or will you set it free? 

2) The Influence

The next group of five symbols represents the moment when new becomes routine. A pattern of cycles begins to emerge in your thinking. The deepest truth is yet to be found, but the reality is nothing is allowed to end here. What will this influence bring into your life? What requirement does it have of you as it moves you in a new direction? Now that the experience has started to influence you there is no turning back. There is going to be an end result. Understanding what influence the new energy you have embraced will have over your life experience is a basic element of conscious interaction and acceptance of personal responsibility. What have you decided?

3)The Wisdom

The middle group of four symbols represents the eternal wisdom of the universe, the gaining of knowledge through experience and the unseen nature of instinctive growth. Here is a time of deep introspection and thorough processing can be expected when these symbols turn up. What is this new influence teaching you, what are you learning at a deeper level and how far are you prepared to look into its unique perspective? On the other side of every unknown is a known and a wisdom shared.

4) The Need

The outward-bound five symbols denote tentative new steps with a fresh new understanding of an old way of thinking. Step by step you examine new ways, new ideas and new beliefs as you explore the benefits of the renewed energy you ar experiencing. Need is very simple really. What did you allow this experience into your life for? And now that you have shared participated in the wisdom of the experience what is your intention for an appropriate outcome?

5) The Achievement

The final group of six symbols represents a final ascent, the completion of a task, the end of a cycle, a graduation or achieving a level of mastery. One thing is certain with this group of symbols: They guarantee a fresh new start to a whole new level of understanding is just around the corner.

Group 1: Issue—Symbols and Their Meanings

  1. A New Beginnings
  2. B Creativity/Source
  3. C Strength/Allowance
  4. D Abundance/Guidance
  5. E Control/Knowing
  6. F Trust/Wisdom


Group 2: Influence—Symbols and Their Meanings

  • G Morality/Judgement
  • H New thinking/Investigation
  • I Initiation/Action
  • J Defence/Sorrow
  • K Protection/The dream


Group 3: Wisdom— Symbols and Their Meanings

  • L Separation/Solitude
  • M The unknown/Beyond form
  • N Movement/Integration
  • O Breakthrough/Transformation


Group 4: Need— Symbols and Their Meanings

  1. P Letting go/New vision
  2. Q Opening/Change
  3. R Instinct/Courage
  4. S Joy/Love of life
  5. T Sowing/Contentment


Group 5 Achievement—Symbols and Their Meanings

  1. U Self/Trusting
  2. V Stand still/Silence
  3. W Wholeness/Universality
  4. X Grow/Conditioning
  5. Y Individuality/Existence
  6. Z Completion
The Five Nature Elements

Of the five nature elements, one is a predominant aspect of the situation. Every situation contains all of the elements; one will have a controlling influence to a greater degree than the others.

  1. Air – Thought
  2. Water – Emotion
  3. Fire – Action
  4. Earth – Nurture
  5. Light – Universal consciousness

Interpretation Of Your Reading

‘The Witness’ is used as a separator card when doing a one on one reading but can also be used as an individual reading in group energy where a broad overall appraisal of a situation is required. Example: Ask the subject to shuffle their question into the cards and when ready select a single card from anywhere in the deck. The subject must be comfortable to repeat the question to the group as they hand the deck back to you. Your assessment of the Witness Card they chose is then verbally relayed to the subject and the group.

‘The Companion’ is a second card drawn for clarity when the Witness card raises further questions for the subject. The companion to the witness should be drawn cautiously and only when needed. The companion card is always the first card left on the top of the deck after the Witness has been selected. The reader is the one who turns the Companion card, only, if further clarity is required.

Life Is A Four Letter Word Reading

The four elements of the ‘Life is a Four Letter Word’ reading are part of every foundation in the human experience.

  • Card 1 represents your connection to the whole, the ‘bigger picture’. Without first determining what is happening in this area it is difficult to achieve a clear understanding of what is happening with the other energies that influence the reading. If you are in the flow the ancestors will reinforce and confirm your direction. If you sense blockages or interference in your energy stream the reading is not classed as a confirmation reading and presents a deeper series of choices unfolding in the reading. An example of how this happens is when no matter how hard you try to achieve something, something beyond your control always steps in and stops you. In these moments, the energy in your life is being controlled by the ancestors trying to direct you in ways you are yet to fully recognise. There is an evolving blossom unfolding in your life that you are yet witness. Note the direction of the ancestors well, they have a plan for you. The ancestors always direct energy flow, when the energies are completely aligned you sense the radiant bliss of total universal energy alignment.

  • Card 2 will show how focused the energy of your individual desire is in your personal psychic energy situation. It might be your focus has been on others and this has created a gap in your psychic energy microcosm for energy that does not serve you or your purpose to enter your energy stream. Or others might be sending positive energy flow to you? The energy of others around you is always impacting your personal energy microcosm for positive or negative outcomes. The next card in the sequence will display a deeper meaning of the events unfolding in your energy microcosm. With this card you are directed to question all of the energies that created this moment in your experience to occur, yours and others. You will be shown confirmation of direction or asked to search for clues and answers in the message of this card as to how and why the flow in your personal energy is affecting the overall reading. 

  • Card 3 will determine how much influence the other human energy you choose to keep around you is having on your energy and/or the questions that have been raised in this reading. Independent or co-dependant energy resources are co-creative and singularly directed or they can be opposing all outcomes. This card is always multifaceted and can have an overwhelming influence on your direction and outcomes. If this card is a strong directive energy without confirming positive flow, look more deeply into what influence the people around are having on this moment in the your life.

  • Card 4 is a complete combined energy of the reading and gives you an overall interpretation of where you as a conscious psychic querent are situated in being a positive, effective influence in your own personal understanding of your expanded psychic energy field at this time.

The situation as viewed through the Sacred Shaman Oracle Symbols.

A: High energy for change, a moment when all things are possible. Your daily life becomes the temple of all creation. Meaning, purpose, love and relationship form the centre of this moment in creation. Nature element: Light

B: Life energy is about organic growth. Creativity, imagination and destiny combine in your dreamtime and fantasies but what about you’re everyday. You are the masterpiece, you are the work of art, but who is the artist? What will you say when both of you meet face to face? Nature element: Earth

C: Even the most offensive creation has its reason for being. But how would we know that if we did not have the strength to allow all things to be just as they are. Something is seeking to entice you, attract you, or entwine you, but until you allow the space for this new energy to show itself you will not be sure of its reason for being. Nature element: Fire

D: Untamed potential, great freedom, tenacity. Sudden or unexpected changes can occur at this point, the energy is still new and ambitious. Time for making choices and observing patterns, accept your desires, make decisions, choose the path and head in that direction. There is no turning back from here. Nature element: Water

E: Enlightenment, endurance, reliability, dependability, trust-worthiness. The driving force to continue provides motivation and a sense of purpose. You have set your sights on a reasonable target and will continue to work to achieve your goals. Nature element Air

F: Travel, both in physical terms and spiritual lifestyle. Journey, vacation, relocation, evolution, change of work place or setting, you begin to see things from a larger view point. Nature element: Earth

G: Challenges and frustration, psychological blockages to thoughts or activity is encountered. This is a time to turn inward and seek clarity through the higher self consciousness. Nature element: Air

H: A revealing message or insight received, more communication is required however. You are searching for sign’s, inspiration, and enthusiasm, be ready to take onboard some new advice. Nature element: Water

I: You are ready, but ready for what? This is about the Self, the individual in the human race. What is your attitude toward others and how does that influence their attitude towards you. Friends or enemies, social order or dysfunction, how do you fit into the bigger picture? Make use of your intelligence and forethought to create an observant awareness of whose life you are living. Nature element: Fire

J: Defending the old ways is often a fight to the death. More often than not the one that dies is the old way of understanding. It is okay to mourn the passing of days gone by but it is unhealthy to believe tomorrow does not hold an equally brilliant sunrise for those who chose to live in the now. Nature element: Earth

K: The urge to protect oneself or others is intense, you are awakening to a higher life purpose. You are learning to channel your energies appropriately and follow your natural instincts. Visualize your success and maintain a position of security. Nature element: Fire

L: Destructive uncontrolled forces within the subconscious dreamtime are testing you; this is a trial of personal strength and dedication. The eventual outcome to this event is inner strength and restored harmony. Nature element: Water

M: Uncertainty is a secretive matter, mystery, hidden things and unseen activities are shaping your actions and reactions, this is a time to exercise patience and care. Nature element: Air

N: Intuition and knowledge of one's destiny beyond the now is determining your future path, taking the first step beyond the unknown is like watching your first sunrise, ‘brilliant’. Nature element: Earth

O: Transformation and regeneration, leadership and authority analysis, rationality, knowing where one's true strengths lay. A future focus is evident here, the only way is forward and you have a path laid out for you. Even though you are on the right track you must still be wary of the potholes. Nature element: Fire

P: Vision, knowledge, creativity, inspiration, and technical ability. You have the power to create your own reality including health, business and personal relationships. Steady progress is assured. Nature element: Water

Q: Open to new strength, energy, power and passion. Instability associated with change, Instinctive will power and vital energy works as a regenerative catalyst. Nature element: Air

R: Believing in yourself is one thing, but trusting your instincts when they go against everything others are saying or advising you should do is totally ‘in-sane’. Sometimes you need to rock the boat a little if you want to get the attention of the others who are just on this trip for the ride. Nature element: Fire

S: Comfort and pleasure, oneness and fellowship with all things, harmony, prosperity, ecstasy, glory, spiritual reward, beware of ego. Nature element: Water

T: Regeneration of mental, physical and spiritual energy, liberation surrounds the light of spring, promise of new beginnings, new growth. Nature element: Earth

U: Goals have been achieved; this is a time of personal honour, a time when independent power will become available to you for positive changes in your life. Connection between your higher self consciousness and the subconscious dreamtime is clear. Nature element: Air

V: Resistance leading to innovative strength, self reliance, and will power to overcome obstacles. Endurance, survival, self determined change, you are ready to face all fears and recognize your limitations. Nature element: Fire

W: The fruits of earlier labours are realized, there is time for peace and happiness, hopes and expectations rise with the promise of success just around the corner. The cyclical pattern of the universe is exposed; everything changes as it is meant to and everything blossoms in its own good time. Nature element: Earth

X: Generate, receive, organize, wisdom. When change is constant it is no longer change, it is life. Becoming who you are in the now is the challenge for everyday. When growth is the only condition associated with life there is no death. When there is no death there is only peace. Nature element: Water

Y:  A breakthrough awakening and awareness of daylight clarity in opposition to night-time uncertainty. This is a time to plan for new experiences. The power of change is being directed by your own free will, transformation brings with it hope and happiness. While the ideal of the goal you wish to achieve may be a single step away, be careful what you wish for because sometimes wishes come true. Nature element: Air

Z: High energy for change, a moment when all things are possible. Clear knowing ones self as the whole is the key to understanding and harnessing your psychic energy and healing power. Nature element: Light

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