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The 26 Sacred Shaman Oracle Symbols Explained

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Card Groupings Explained

In the Lunar System of Interpretation in the Sacred Shaman Oracle is divided into five groups. These five groups are foundational to every human growth experience. There is a common thread running through every human growth experience present at any given time.

Each group represents a stage in a complete cycle with the number of symbols in each group varying in the following order: 1 = 6, 2 = 5, 3 = 4, 4 = 5, 5 = 6.

1) The Issue

The first six symbols form a group that begins with fresh new and vital energy. We begin to see the sparkle wear off come the sixth symbol. Nothing is forever and this group’s energy portrays that. Something is always happening; there is never a time when things are not shifting, altering, changing. Recognising new energy and acknowledging the issue surrounding its present appearance in your life is a constant part of initial recognition. Freedom of choice is a wonderful gift after initial appraisals; will you stay with this new energy, does it serve a purpose for you or will you set it free? 

2) The Influence

The next group of five symbols represents the moment when new becomes routine. A pattern of cycles begins to emerge in your thinking. The deepest truth is yet to be found, but the reality is nothing is allowed to end here. What will this influence bring into your life? What requirement does it have of you as it moves you in a new direction? Now that the experience has started to influence you there is no turning back. There is going to be an end result. Understanding what influence the new energy you have embraced will have over your life experience is a basic element of conscious interaction and acceptance of personal responsibility. What have you decided?

3)The Wisdom

The middle group of four symbols represents the eternal wisdom of the universe, the gaining of knowledge through experience and the unseen nature of instinctive growth. Here is a time of deep introspection and thorough processing can be expected when these symbols turn up. What is this new influence teaching you, what are you learning at a deeper level and how far are you prepared to look into its unique perspective? On the other side of every unknown is a known and a wisdom shared.

4) The Need

The outward-bound five symbols denote tentative new steps with a fresh new understanding of an old way of thinking. Step by step you examine new ways, new ideas and new beliefs as you explore the benefits of the renewed energy you ar experiencing. Need is very simple really. What did you allow this experience into your life for? And now that you have shared participated in the wisdom of the experience what is your intention for an appropriate outcome?

5) The Achievement

The final group of six symbols represents a final ascent, the completion of a task, the end of a cycle, a graduation or achieving a level of mastery. One thing is certain with this group of symbols: They guarantee a fresh new start to a whole new level of understanding is just around the corner.

Group 1: Issue—Symbols and Their Meanings

  1. A New Beginnings
  2. B Creativity/Source
  3. C Strength/Allowance
  4. D Abundance/Guidance
  5. E Control/Knowing
  6. F Trust/Wisdom


Group 2: Influence—Symbols and Their Meanings

  • G Morality/Judgement
  • H New thinking/Investigation
  • I Initiation/Action
  • J Defence/Sorrow
  • K Protection/The dream


Group 3: Wisdom— Symbols and Their Meanings

  • L Separation/Solitude
  • M The unknown/Beyond form
  • N Movement/Integration
  • O Breakthrough/Transformation


Group 4: Need— Symbols and Their Meanings

  1. P Letting go/New vision
  2. Q Opening/Change
  3. R Instinct/Courage
  4. S Joy/Love of life
  5. T Sowing/Contentment


Group 5 Achievement—Symbols and Their Meanings

  1. U Self/Trusting
  2. V Stand still/Silence
  3. W Wholeness/Universality
  4. X Grow/Conditioning
  5. Y Individuality/Existence
  6. Z Completion
The Five Nature Elements

Of the five nature elements, one is a predominant aspect of the situation. Every situation contains all of the elements; one will have a controlling influence to a greater degree than the others.

  1. Air – Thought
  2. Water – Emotion
  3. Fire – Action
  4. Earth – Nurture
  5. Light – Universal consciousness

Interpretation Of Your Reading

The four elements of the ‘Life is a Four Letter Word’ reading are part of every foundation in the human experience.

  • Card 1 represents your connection to the whole, the ‘bigger picture’. Without first determining what is happening in this area it is difficult to achieve a clear understanding of what is happening with the other energies that influence the reading. If you are in the flow the ancestors will reinforce and confirm your direction. If you sense blockages or interference in your energy stream the reading is not classed as a confirmation reading and presents a deeper series of choices unfolding in the reading. An example of how this happens is when no matter how hard you try to achieve something, something beyond your control always steps in and stops you. In these moments, the energy in your life is being controlled by the ancestors trying to direct you in ways you are yet to fully recognise. There is an evolving blossom unfolding in your life that you are yet witness. Note the direction of the ancestors well, they have a plan for you. The ancestors always direct energy flow, when the energies are completely aligned you sense the radiant bliss of total universal energy alignment.

  • Card 2 will show how focused the energy of your individual desire is in your personal psychic energy situation. It might be your focus has been on others and this has created a gap in your psychic energy microcosm for energy that does not serve you or your purpose to enter your energy stream. Or others might be sending positive energy flow to you? The energy of others around you is always impacting your personal energy microcosm for positive or negative outcomes. The next card in the sequence will display a deeper meaning of the events unfolding in your energy microcosm. With this card you are directed to question all of the energies that created this moment in your experience to occur, yours and others. You will be shown confirmation of direction or asked to search for clues and answers in the message of this card as to how and why the flow in your personal energy is affecting the overall reading. 

  • Card 3 will determine how much influence the other human energy you choose to keep around you is having on your energy and/or the questions that have been raised in this reading. Independent or co-dependant energy resources are co-creative and singularly directed or they can be opposing all outcomes. This card is always multifaceted and can have an overwhelming influence on your direction and outcomes. If this card is a strong directive energy without confirming positive flow, look more deeply into what influence the people around are having on this moment in the your life.

  • Card 4 is a complete combined energy of the reading and gives you an overall interpretation of where you as a conscious psychic querent are situated in being a positive, effective influence in your own personal understanding of your expanded psychic energy field at this time.

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