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Family of Flying Eagle & Students of FEM .... Some people are born to Shop, some people are born to Rock, others might be a little highbrow, while a select group of people are born to find a spiritual meaning and higher purpose in their life.

I am one of those people who was born to find a spiritual meaning and higher purpose in their life.

People born into a life of spiritual seeking can spend an entire lifetime searching for the spiritual meaning and higher purpose in their life and never find any level of comfort or peace of mind. I have distant memories of being one of those people.

Without finding a spiritual meaning or a higher purpose in my life, I crashed and burned hard... I hit the bottom with a loud bang and kept going right on through to the other side.

Flying Eagle greeted me there with a very warm welcome home and a story that changed the passage of my life forever.

My life is now filled to the brim with spiritual meaning and higher purpose. I live, breathe, sleep and wake with the soul intention of introducing people to Flying Eagle Medicine and helping them experience the love connection and total peace of mind that Flying Eagle has provided to me over many years.

Flying Eagle Medicine is the foundation on which I live my life. The Sacred Shaman Oracle is the root system of spirit guides and familiars from which I draw the psychic nutrient into my tree of life that blossoms and grows the fruit I share with others. The Message Stick Symbols of the Dreamtime Alphabet and the messages Flying Eagle sent through them to me is the seed of my life's living creation.

My experience in life has been nothing less than extraordinary. I have witnessed my life expanded beyond what holds the common interests of many others and I have lived experiences of a universal energy dimension beyond time and space that can only be described in common terms as nothing less than GOD like omnipotent omnipresence.

Flying Eagle saved my life and turned it around to give me the spiritual meaning and higher purpose in life that I was seeking.... and Flying Eagle wants to do the same for you.

Those of you who share my experience of seeking to find the most truthful and the most powerful answers to life deepest questions are of course ‘stand-alone’ in their philosophy and actions, and are not ever going to play follow the leader.

Though you will find “A COMMON TRUTH” in everything you look deeply into. You will always be present with a determination that suits you, for you alone. And that is why Flying Eagle Medicine stands out from the crowd of spiritual study.

Flying Eagle Medicine stands out as a devoted spiritual study that combines the ‘whole realm’ of Be-ing - - physical and non-physical - - in a non-dual sense. It serves a real purpose as a ‘Free for All’ spiritual investigation, with such a deeply expanded look into our common purpose and reality, that it sets out a whole new understanding of what a ‘spiritual presence in human understanding’ really means.

Through ‘Words and Numbers’, Flying Eagle Medicine shares a link through time and space, and multiple generations. From the Dreamtime, which is the original source of all creation, to the ‘reincarnation’ of the modern-day equivalent of the Odin’s Runic Alphabet, Flying Eagle Medicine is inclusive of the whole. No-thing and No-one is left out.

Flying Eagle Medicine is favoured with an ‘Animist (original Shamanistic) Psychology’, which represents the very beginning of time in consciousness. As well, it engages the deeply Shamanistic Psychology of ‘Oracle Lots’.

The study into Flying Eagle Medicine requires a devotional aspect, which includes a mindfulness component that might be difficult for many to achieve.

Staying encourage, positive, focused and continuing to progress through Flying Eagle Medicine is the greatest challenge yet, most rewarding outcome, you will ever experience.

To encourage your commitment to the ‘spiritual and mental health’ benefits of Flying Eagle Medicine I offer a one on one learning service.

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