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Australian Shamanism - About Darren John Maxwell

Darren John Maxwell,  BAppSocSc(Coach) (Sh.Ph.D.) Shamanic Minister: The Maxwell Clan history looms large in the story of my personal shamanic emergence circa 1998 and the subsequent role I have gone on to fill in my life as the earth channel that birthed the Australian Dreamtime Alphabet and Flying Eagle Alchemy into human consciousness and Australian spiritual history. Larger still is the collective global healing project that was prophesied in ancient shamanic alchemical knowing and fulfilled as a precursor to the arrival of Universal Spirit Guide Flying Eagle and the Australian Dreamtime Alphabet. Beyond the unconscious & subconscious impact of the collective, my personal experiences in life impacted my apparent choice to explore shamanic consciousness at a conscious level prior to the arrival of Flying Eagle and the Dreamtime Alphabet. 

I was born and raised in the Christian feedlots of Australian suburbia by a family that had a very devoted relationship with their understanding of God through their commitment to Christian religion and their church community.

Living and growing up in Australia has always presented a huge moral & ethical dilemma in regard the treatment of Australia's FIRST PEOPLE for me.

I grew up safe and secure in the arms of GOD through the Christian faith that my maternal Grandfather and Grandmother shared with me.
My maternal Grandparents were Christian stalwarts committed to their loving relationship with GOD and their church community.

Because of my upbringing and a dramatic choking accident at age 2 that I came back too life from, I have never questioned the existence of GOD because GOD has been with me everyday since my earliest memories in life.

In my early years GOD was simply part of who I was. 

In my teenage years I had a real choice to make... would I go into Christian ministry? 

I chose not to follow a religion or dogma because I doubted the moral and ethical relationship every religion on earth has with GOD.  

I was constantly challenged in my attempts to reconcile my understanding of GOD with a God that would place the 60,000 + year spiritual history and lineage of 'Australia's First People' in a position of being less than the British immigrants who arrived as settlers in the late 17 early 1800's to the land of my birth.

My peers would ask about my relationship with GOD and I would respond with the overview that GOD is part of my life but I do not agree with the work of organised religion. 

I could never explain my confident understanding of my relationship with GOD back then, though I did always state that I have more chance of finding the GOD I know in nature, than in a church or a book.

I confidently assured my peers and elders that I know as a certainty when I need GOD.... GOD will be revealed to me with a message I will understand.

As my family grew larger and my children reached a stage of development when they deserved truthful answers to very important questions that could shape their future I witnessed the real problems of their world growing much larger than I could cope with alone.

I reached the time of my life when I really needed GOD to return to my side. 

Not knowing how GOD would appear to me in the natural way I had always known would occur, I had no expectations, but I did have questions that required truthful answers. 

In retrospect, did I have the questions or was it always the intention of GOD to provide me with answers. 

My understanding is that my life did not end at 2 years old because this moment in time and space was part of a collective spiritual destiny that I was born to be a part of, not something of my doing or unfolding.

In my experiences with the traditional caretakers of Dreamtime, you are conceived and born onto the land of your Dreaming.  

In the very serious question about the moral and ethical treatment by organised religion and government toward the First People of my homeland, GOD took me on a very deep and powerful shamanic healing journey of spiritual understanding or Soul Retrieval and placed me in the loving arms of Dreamtime Spirit Guide Flying Eagle so that I could experience the exact understanding and truth of GOD that was given as a constant spiritual transmission to the FIRST PEOPLE of Australia through the knowledge of Dreamtime.

The deep level of GOD transmission I experienced is rare in the collective and is not something generally associated with bibles or religion, more often than not it is also misrepresented in reporting to the collective.

Since that time I have served GOD, the Dreamtime and the children of the future dutifully by presenting everyone with the story of my relationship with GOD, spirit guide Flying Eagle and the Dreamtime.

My story presents as a very large moral and ethical dilemma for everyone who chooses to overlook the truth of GOD in the Dreamtime and the way Christian religion has treated [via oppression and false claims of superior truth] the children of GOD in the Dreamtime as the people of earth went about building their Global village.

It will be the continuation of a catastrophic moral and ethical disaster, if Australia's spiritual relationship with truth in spiritual philosophy is allowed to go unchecked or to continue without a defined spiritual healing ministry being part of Australia's evolution.

For this reason I have created 'Australian Shamanism' the Ministry of Spiritual Reconciliation Australian and under all circumstances I will continue to classify and promote Australian Shamanism, The Dreamtime Alphabet & Flying Eagle Medicine as the foremost pathway of personal spiritual development and united spiritual healing project for all Australian people.