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Australian Shamanism - Darren John Maxwell

"In Honour Of The Process Of Spiritual Evolution We Must Always Recognise The Process Of Creation As Omnipotent Omnipresence" DJM 2018

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  • Darren John Maxwell,  BAppSocSc(Coach) (Sh.Ph.D.): is recorded in Global Shamanic Spiritual lineage, ancestry and history as the Great Great Grandson (reincarnated energy) of God Odin [in form] (Norse All Father) and GOD Baiame, [life force energy] (Dreamtime Creator - The Sky Father) [in spirit union and memorialised through time and space in the Australian Dreamtime Alphabet] and a celebrated son of the Maxwell Clan, who is an Australian Born [fully initiated] Shaman [Medicine Man] of the highest regard, and world renown for re-exposing to the light of human conscious knowing the collective vision of our universally defined global shamanic family tree roots in the core seed mystical teachings of Mother Earth Magic (sic) found commonly existing in the shamanic [Animist] cultures of all earth people since time began and before the time of all organised religions. 
  • His Clan name, Maxwell originates from Maccus, a 'Norse' [the Germanic homeland of (Odin, All Father)] chief and son of Undweyn, who gave his name to Maccuswell, a pool of the river Tweed near Kelso bridge Scotland. 
  • The grandson of Maccus, John Maxwell, became chamberlain of Scotland before dying in 1241. Thereafter the name ‘John Maxwell’ took on a significant position in Clan ancestry and holds a sacred spiritual position of peoples trust and public accountability in Clan history. 
  • The Maxwell Clan won great fame in their struggle against English rule by defending their Caerlaverock Castle [Australian pronunciation; Cal-averlock] against King Edward I of England in 1300. During the Wars of Scottish Independence the Clan Maxwell supported King Robert the Bruce and fought at his side at the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314. 
  • Historical data indicates the Maxwell Clan with its Nordic/Celtic roots firmly grounded in pre-christian Germanic (Shaman) Animism became implicated in strong physical and political support of the first Scottish King of England and the collective historical social undertaking of creating the King James Bible translation structure and the English text that would carry the name of the first King James of Great Britaine, (sic) [Scotland and England united] Ireland and France in a unified Church of England [church established 1534] spiritual document, around the world, during the process of establishing the Global Village Paradigm of human consciousness for centuries to come. 
  • Human consciousness evolves, times, and collective spiritual needs shift and alter. 
  • Today, bound by the truth of history, the Dreamtime Heartland he now calls home has been ravaged by British Royalist and religious separatist thinkers over the last 200 + years. The British government system of cultural integration and the indoctrinated Church of England representatives in Australia have had the long term cultural spiritual tenure [Animist Shaman] of the Dreamtime in Australia totally surround by a Old British Facade and physically imprisoned in the persona of being only flesh, blood and bone, while labelling, most insultingly, as purely a physical [Mob] "Aboriginal" (sic) subject, wrapped up as an infantile racially obsessed objective, clothed only in the fertile fantasy stories and pure imagination of uneducated and underdeveloped natives, for over 200 + years, to serve their own purpose of appearing to be elite spiritual conquerors with a supposed Christian ordained superiority on the back of the Church of England's, King James Bible. This old paradigm point of view, whilst rooted in the seed of the most noble of any social objective undertaken on a global scale [see harmonious global unity as a longitudinal collective end goal] no longer serves the best interest of Great Britaine (sic) nor does it serve the expanded Global Village Paradigm of highly educated, free thinking, human consciousness it helped create.
  • Notably, 'all' [without any informed opposition] independent global spiritual scholars in truthful observation of the spiritual Dreamtime have been solid in regularly assessing [in peer reviewed works] that ‘The Dreamtime’ is not a blood, skin and bone relationship with spirituality, nor is it the work of a fertile imagination, but instead an ‘Animist’ spiritual world view common around the world in the experience of all first people lineages, tribes and clans, separate from religion. 
  • Animism, from the perspective of the shamanic relationship with the whole, is in fact, such a common grounded foundation of global common spiritual understanding in the evolving educated global consciousness, that it alone; has the confirmed universal healing power to unify the whole of humanity on a collective global spiritual foundation, in every generation of self-aware self-consciousness, that is still to come into Be-ing, in form, as human life on mother earth. 
  • Terms used in post-modern scholarly spiritual conversation and deliberation like Consciousness, Non-duality, Ground Of Be-ing and One-ness are now very common descriptive’s that include in their fullest observation of a grounded collective spiritual truth found in all creation stories ‘The Dreamtime’ [stories of a creator, creation, before time and space] 'IS' the worlds oldest surviving, original, evolving and ongoing animist spiritual relationship with the more-than-human universal whole.
  • In every valuable spiritual philosophical discussion that has absolutely no trace of pre-existing cultural or racial bias, the Dreamtime is recognised as 'THE' universally human spiritual experience. 
  • Darren John Maxwell, was awoken to his pre-ordained [Karmic] reincarnated life energy role and life destiny that is grounded in the deliverance of a newly grown, post-modern Dreamtime Story, recognised and declared as being the original works of our singular global shamanic families 'Animist GODS and Spirit Familiars' through a ‘shamanic emergence’ [in mind and matter] and subsequent ‘spiritual re-birthing’, in form, [reincarnated Runic Alphabet] of the universally transcendent spiritual artefact, The Australian Dreamtime Alphabet, in 1999 at the end of a 200 + year global Dreamtime rehabilitation process and a 40 year Australian peoples reconciliation process. 
  • Darren's’ current vision quest journey [circa 2020 Gregorian Calendar] as a shamanic medicine man is to distribute the Flying Eagle Medicine that is produced by the fully ripened spiritual fruit growing on the 'Australian Dreamtime Alphabet Tree Of Life' in 100% equal measure, to the people of his spiritual heartland, Australia, and help them overcome the collective national soul scaring caused by 200 + years of an enforced Biblical spiritual encumbrance, spiritual misunderstanding, misrepresentation and misappropriation, that will reconnect them all as proud, strong and united global spiritual citizens of Mother Earth. All of whom are connected to the deepest natural core aspects of their pure shamanic spiritual lineage that spans thousands of generations, across all languages on earth, reaching out beyond every physical barrier imaginable, existing as infinity beyond all time and space. 
  • There is now, and will continue to be for many countless millennia to come, new generations of Shamanic Spiritual Warriors and Medicine People being born onto the Mother Earth in a physical living and ongoing survival environment that presents with [to the physical seeing eyes only] the appearance of being different or in some way differentiated from that of our countless generations of first people ancestors who lived 'holy and souly' by the 'LORE OF THE LAND' . 
  • From the smouldering ashes of a perception of human suffering and pain the many funeral fires of organised religion have left behind on the surface of Mother Earth; after the very normal human state of mind and very normal social condition of exploration discovery, learning and development, that lead very naturally to the creation of global languages, global trade routes, global cities, global travel, global communication and global lifestyle choices. The new generation of Shamanic Spiritual Warrior and Medicine People will rise to know there is no shame, no guilt and no blame in human creation through time and space, there is only a united understanding of the whole spiritual creation process unfolding in total favour of the whole of universal consciousness rooted in the field of infinite creation background energy, impervious to time and space, experiencing itself in conscious human form, as the entirety of all that is and all that ever will be [Peace]. (So Mote It Be)     

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